World Music

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World Music is the 27th Baby Einstein Episode. It was released on March 31st, 2009. It's for music around the world. 34 minutes long episode.


  1. Jane The Monkey
  2. Bard The Dragon
  3. Roary The Lion
  4. Sudsy the Dog
  5. Tatting The Tiger
  6. Gutteral The Kangaroo
  7. Bud The Parrot
  8. Mark The Penguin
  9. Mozart The Koala (In Cartoon Credits Only)
  10. Beethoven The Giraffe (In Cartoon Credits Only)
  11. Knee Deep The Frog (In Cartoon Credits Only)
  12. Penelope The Penguin (In Cartoon Credits And Set Up Menu Only)
  13. Monet The Zebra (In Cartoon Credits And Discovery Cards Only)
  14. Dubba The Redbird (In Cartoon Credits And Audio Options Menu Only)
  15. Vivaldi The Duck (In Cartoon Credits Only)
  16. Galileo's Mom (In Cartoon Credits Only)
  17. Neptune The Turtle (In Cartoon Subtitles Menu Only)
  18. Oliver The Octopus (In Cartoon Subtitles Menu Only)


  • Jane The Monkey Turns The Plane Off Welcomes The Viewer To The Episode Sees The Continents Turns The Plane Back On And Goes To The First Continent
  • Intro
  • Jane Stops At North America
  • Waterfalls
  • Jane Plays Her Drum Until Pavlov The Dog Comes And Interrupts Her By Playing His Flute Jane Throws Pavlov's Flute Away And Pavlov Gets It Janes Resumes Playing Her Drum Pavlov Comes Again And Asks Jane To Play His Flute With Her Janes Answers No Jane Throws The Flute Away Again Pavlov Gets It Again Jane Can Finally Play Her Drum But Pavlov Returns Pavlov Drops His Flute Pavlov Thinks He Can Play The Drum With Jane
  • Music Video About North America
  • Cactus
  • Jane Stops At Africa
  • Rain Clouds
  • Jane The Monkey Plays Her Drum But She Hears A Dragging Sound But She Plays It Again But The Dragging Is Still Heard It Came From Isaac The Lion's Djembe Being Pulled And Jane Teaches Isaac How To Play The Djembe They Both Do The Same Thing And They Play Their Drums Together
  • Music Video About Africa
  • African Train
  • Jane Stops At Asia
  • Mount Everest
  • Jane The Monkey Sees A Pipa But Lizzy The Tiger Appears And Roars Which Scared Jane Twice Jane Has An Idea And Finds A Small Tiger Hat For Lizzy's Pipa Lizzy Begins To Play Her Pipa While Jane Played Her Drum
  • Music Video About Asia
  • Asian Fans
  • Jane Stops At Antarctica
  • Penguin
  • Jane The Monkey Plays Her Drum But Suddenly Mark The Penguin Appears And Waddles and Jane Waddles Along With Her But They Heard A Thunderstorm But They Resume Their Waddle But The Thunderstorm Is Still Heard But A Bunch Of Snowflakes Fall On Them But Instead Of Waddling They Play In The Snow
  • Music Video About Antarctica
  • Penguin Walker
  • Jane Stops At South America
  • Squirrel Monkey
  • Jane The Monkey Plays Her Drum But Bud The Parrot Appears And Shakes His Maraca Jane Sees Bud's Fruit Hat So Jane Tries To Get A Fruit Hat Herself Bud Thinks He Should Wear It Jane Thinks She Could Try To Wear It But The Fruit Hat Is Way Too Big Which Is Covering Her Eyes Bud Blows Jane Down And Continues Shaking His Maraca
  • Music Video About South America
  • Monkeys Climb Up And Slide Down A Tree
  • Jane Stops At Australia
  • Waves
  • Jane The Monkey Plays Her Drum But Galileo The Kangaroo Appears And Shakes His Rainstick Which Made A Thunderstorm But He Tries Again But There's Still Thunder Jane Should Play The Rainstick Herself But Thunder Is Heard Three Times But Rain Falls On Her Head
  • Music Video About Australia
  • Fish Puzzle
  • Janes Stops At The Last Continent Europe
  • Big Ben
  • Jane The Monkey Plays Her Drum But Bard The Dragon Appears Behind The Harp And Says Blah! Jane Resumes Her Drum And The Same Thing Happened Again. Jane Resumes Her Drum But Bard Steals Her Hat But Jane Chases Bard But Bard Tells Jane That Sharing Is Caring So He Gave Jane's Hat Back To Jane
  • Music Video About Europe
  • Duck Puzzle
  • The Children Sing This World Our World And Mention The Puppets' Instruments
  • Jane Had A Great Time Making Music Around The World But She Yawns And Thinks She Goes Home And Take A Nap
  • The Sun Sets
  • Credits

Opening to World Music 2009 DVD

  1. Nickelodeon Fish Logo January 28, 2003
  2. Videos preview for Go Diego Go January 6, 2009
  3. Videos preview for Dora The Explorer January 6, 2009
  4. Videos preview for Ni Hao Kai Lan August 26, 2008
  5. Videos preview for The Backyardigans January 6, 2009
  6. Videos preview for Wonder Pets January 6, 2009
  7. Paramount Warning Screen August 27, 2002
  8. DVD Menu
  9. Jane the Monkey Turns the Plane off Welcomes to the viewer, turns the plane on and goes to the first continent.
  10. Opening Titles
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