Don’t block this Video. It’s PRETEND. Anyway, World Animal Safari Is The Sequel To Neighbourhood Animal Adventure. The Video Is Released In 2018. This Is The First Time To Introduce Ginny The Gazelle, Along With New Sections And New Animals.


Jane The Monkey

Roary The Lion

Georgia The Giraffe

Noah The Elephant

Lizzy The Tiger

Slick The Shark

Wordsworth The Parrot

Nora The Polar Bear

Haydn The Anteater

Kenny The Fox

Soapy The Bear

Mozart The Koala

Galileo The Kangaroo

Monet The Zebra

Harry The Hippo

Flossy The Flamingo

Ginny The Gazelle


Dance Scene With Roary The Lion, Noah The Elephant, Wordsworth The Parrot, Kenny The Fox And Jane The Monkey: Contradance No. 4, Beethoven

Jane The Monkey Crashes From A Vine

Opening Titles: Contradance No. 5, Beethoven

Music Video About Animals Around The World: The Bartered Bride, Overture, Smetana

Animals In The Jungle


Jane The Monkey Roars Like A Tiger But Lizzy The Tiger Roars Back

Music Video About Tigers: Peer Gynt Suite, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg

Lizzy The Tiger Bangs A Gong But She Faints


Jane The Monkey Investigates Parrot Tracks And Squawks

Music Video About Parrots: The Bartered Bride, Polka, Smetana

Hopping Parrot


Jane The Monkey Slips On A Banana Peel

Music Video About Monkeys: The Bartered Bride, Skocna, Smetana

Monkeys Playing Glockenspiels

Animals In The Rainforest


Jane The Monkey Spots Tapir Tracks

Music Video About Tapirs: Contradance No. 1, Beethoven


Jane the Monkey And Georgia The Giraffe Growl Like Jaguars

Music Video About Jaguars: Contradance No. 8, Beethoven


Jane The Monkey And Haydn The Anteater Stare At Each Other

Music Video About Anteaters: Symphony No. 101, Clock, 2nd Movement, Haydn

Animals In The Forest


Soapy The Bear Spots Honey And Eats It

Music Video About Bears: Peer Gynt Suite, Arabian Dance, Grieg

Drumming Bear


Kenny The Fox Tries To Be Sly To Jane The Monkey Until Jane Spots A Pile Of Leaves But Kenny Jumps In

Music Video About Foxes: Peer Gynt Suite, Anitra's Dance, Grieg

Soapy The Bear And Kenny The Fox Argue Over A Pillow


Jane Sees A Squirrel Stock Photo

Music Video About Squirrels: The Bartered Bride, Furiant, Smetana

Animals In The Lake


Jane The Monkey Reaches For Water But She Can’t Do It

Music Video About Herons: Flute Quartet No. 4 in A, K298, 3rd Movement, Mozart


Jane The Monkey And Kenny The Fox Dance Gracefully Like Swans

Music Video About Swans: Swan Lake, Waltz, Tchaikovsky


Jane The Monkey Swims

Music Video About Otters: Concerto in C Major, RV537, 1st Movement, Vivaldi

Animals In The Ocean




Music Video About Turtles, Fish And Dolphins: Deep Blue Sea, Jack Moss

Jane The Monkey Goes Fishing But Wanda The Fish Jane With His Mouth

Animals In The Coral Reef


Jane The Monkey Spots A Seahorse

Music Video About Seahorses: The Moldau, Nymph, Smetana


Jane The Monkey Spots The Folkmanis Octopus Puppet And Makes An Octopus Sound

Music Video About Octopuses: Water Music, Ebb and Flow, Telemann

Gears, Gears, Gears Ocean Gears


Jane The Monkey Wears A Shark Fin

Music Video About Sharks: Carmen Suite No. 2, Habanera, Bizet

Slick The Shark Attacks A Fake Boat

Animals In The Arctic


Jane The Monkey Barks Like A Seal

Music Video About Seals: Contradance No. 11, Beethoven

Spinning Seal

Polar Bear

Jane The Monkey Buries Parker The Polar Bear Into The Snow

Music Video About Polar Bears: Die Fledermaus, Waltz, Strauss

Parker The Polar Bear Finds His Twin


Jane The Monkey Waddles Like A Penguin

Music Video About Penguins: Arctic Romp, Weisbach

Playful Penguin Race

Animals In The Mountains

Mountain Goat

Jane The Monkey Climbs A Mountain

Music Video About Mountain Goats: Aida, Triumphal March, Verdi


Georgia The Giraffe And Ginny The Gazelle Moo Like Yaks

Music Video About Yaks: Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007, Prelude, Bach


Jane The Monkey, Kenny The Fox, Lizzy The Tiger And Roary The Lion Howl At The Moon But Noah The Elephant Trumpets At The Moon

Music Video About Wolves: Hungarian Dance No. 5, Brahms

Animals In The Desert


Jane The Monkey Shares Water With Noah The Elephant

Music Video About Camels: Serenade for Strings, Waltz, Tchaikovsky

Wind-Up Camel


Lizzy The Tiger Slithers Like A Snake

Music Video About Snakes: Annen Polka, Strauss

Funtime Luna Tells A Snake Joke: What Do You Call A Snake That Works For The Government? A CIVIL SERPENT! And Everyone Laughs


Jane The Monkey Soars Like A Hawk

Music Video About Hawks: Fanfare for a Common Man, Copland

Animals In The Outback


Mozart The Koala Snoozes But Noah The Elephant Wakes Him Up By Trumpeting

Music Video About Koalas: Contradance No. 6, Beethoven

Mozart The Koala Snoozes With Jane The Monkey


Jane The Monkey Jumps

Music Video About Kangaroos: Contradance No. 12, Beethoven

Wind-Up Flipping Kangaroo


Jane Sees A Crocodile Stock Photo

Music Video About Crocodiles: Concerto for Flute and Harp in C, K299, 3rd Movement, Mozart

Animals By The Watering Hole


Lizzy The Tiger Spots A Zebra And Pounces At It

Music Video About Zebras: Peer Gynt Suite, Morning Mood, Grieg

Galloping Zebra


Jane Sees A Flamingo Stock Photo

Music Video About Flamingos: Spring Song, Mendelssohn


Jane The Monkey Yawns Like A Hippo

Music Video About Hippos: Kinderscene, Op. 15, No. 1, Schumann

Animals On The Savannah


Noah The Elephant Trumpets At Jane The Monkey

Music Video About Elephants: Symphony No. 4, Italian, Mendelssohn

Bongo Elephant

Roary The Lion Roars At Noah The Elephant But Noah Trumpets Back


Georgia The Giraffe Dings A Desk Bell

Music Video About Giraffes: Symphony No. 9, New World, Dvorak

G. G. Giraffe


Jane The Monkey Tries To Guess What Sound A Lion Makes But Roary The Lion Roars And Jane Roars Back

Music Video About Lions: The Moldau, Smetana

Roary The Lion Tries To Catch A Train

Roary The Lion Roars And Georgia The Giraffe But Georgia Grows Her Neck

Animals In My World

Music Video About Animals In Our World: Medley, Smetana


Closing Titles

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