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Toy Chest was a chest of toys, puppets, and supplies for different videos of the franchise distributed by Living Books, The Baby Einstein Company, BabyBumblebee Kids, HBO Video, The Brainy Baby Company, Teach2Talk Entertainment, and Chris D'Angelo Productions that aired on HBO Family.

Language Nursery Toy Chest:

  1. Bear In The Box By Ambi Toys
  2. Roly-Poly Cow By Charm
  3. Rock-A-Stack By Fisher Price
  4. Stacking Wooden Rings By Schylling
  5. Playtime Train By Tyco
  6. Lehmann Toy Train By LGB
  7. People Car By LGB
  8. Smiley Caboose By LGB
  9. Circus Caboose By LGB
  10. Oil Drop By Kinetic Art
  11. Barnyard Friends By DYToy
  12. Mobile By Kids ||
  13. Bricks By Roylco
  14. Candles By Lady Robinyth
  15. Venus Rotating Fiber Optic Lamp By Spencer Gifts
  16. Harmony By Ideal
  17. Groovy Girls - Cicely By Manhattan Toy
  18. Plush Girl Doll By Baby Gap
  19. Babicorolle By Corolle
  20. Raggedy Ann By Applause
  21. Betsy Wetsy By Ideal
  22. Tidoo Doll By Corolle
  23. Centipede By Brio
  24. Black Spiral Lamp By Kinetic Art
  25. Baby's Music Box By Shelcore
  26. Musical Push N Go Merry By Tomy Corporation
  27. Chain By Kids ||
  28. Soft Blocks By Lee Chyung
  29. Alphabet Blocks By Schylling
  30. Busy Starfish By The First Years
  31. Musical Lamb By Bantam
  32. Lucy Lamb By Eden
  33. Seedlings Colorful Windmill By Summer Lane
  34. Musical Clock By Fisher Price
  35. Tick Tock Musical Clock By Tolo Toys
  36. Bright Ball By Playskool
  37. Pupsqueak The Puppy By Lamaze
  38. My First Christmas Bear By Eden
  39. Sherberts Pig Plush By Eden
  40. Octopus By Jolly Toys
  41. Octotunes By Lamaze
  42. Plantoys Xylophone By Brio
  43. The Precision Gyroscope By Tedco
  44. Spinning Top By Maui Toys
  45. Whirlwind Air Powered Gyro-Top By Uncle Milton
  46. Wind Chimes By Natural Wonders
  47. Wind Chimes (Manufacturer Unknown)
  48. Metronome By Wittner
  49. Small Red Circle Sticker (Manufacturer Unknown)
  50. Small Yellow Circle Sticker (Manufacturer Unknown)
  51. Shake N Shine Rattle By The First Years
  52. Plush Duck By Brio
  53. Light Up And Melody Mirror (duck) By The Baby Einstein Company
  54. Plush Cow By Brio
  55. Cow Jumped Over The Moon Plush By Eden
  56. Hammer Rattle (Manufacturer Unknown)

Baby Mozart Toy Chest:

  1. Mozart The Koala Puppet By Playsoup
  2. Drumming Bear By Metro
  3. Ma Brewster Bear By Mary Meyer Corporation
  4. Tin Drum By Schylling
  5. Somersault Dog By Iwaya
  6. Floating Candles (Manufacturer Unknown)
  7. Fiber Globe Light By Carlisle
  8. Balloons (Manufacturer Unknown)
  9. Kinetic Frog By Carlisle
  10. Mini-Orbiter By Rabbit Tanaka
  11. Tri-Ullision Kinetic Mobile By Carlisle
  12. Cosmos Kinetic By Glow Mobile
  13. Wain Motion Mobile By Carlisle
  14. Lava Lamp By Lava
  15. Bard The Dragon By Legends And Lore
  16. Country Train 1 By Chicco
  17. Touch And Play Bear By Child Guidance
  18. Fiber Optic Butterfly By Spencer Gifts
  19. Space Wave By Carlisle
  20. Baby's Music Box By Shelcore
  21. Musical Push N Go Merry By Tomy Corporation
  22. Activity Globe By Infantino
  23. Baby Elephant By Charm
  24. Metronome By Wittner
  25. Fanta-Seas Bathtime Tub Stickers By Lee Holm Company
  26. Playful Circus Seals By DYToy
  27. Animal Marching Band By Tomy Corporation
  28. Mr.Buggety Bugget By The Right Start
  29. Symphony Sounds Musical Pals: Dragon By Equity Marketing
  30. Triple Ooze By Carlisle
  31. Venus Rotating Fiber Optic Lamp By Spencer Gifts
  32. Castle Pounder By Chicco
  33. Rocket Tornado By The Lyon Company
  34. Alien Orbiter By Uncle Milton
  35. Double Paddle Wheel Slide By The Lyon Company
  36. The Wave Machine By Haggerty Enterprises Inc.
  37. St.Bernard Puppet By Dakin
  38. Rikki Rooster By Iwaya
  39. Cosmos Kinetic By Carlisle
  40. Carousel Papillions By Chicco
  41. Party Chimes: Horses By Biedermann And Sons
  42. Venus Kinetic By Golden Island
  43. Disco Ball By AADLP
  44. Sight N Sound Helicopter By Early Learning Center
  45. Magic Jet By BAO Toys
  46. Infant Sensory Cube By Battat
  47. Shape Sorter By Schylling
  48. Spin N Sing Bugs By Lamaze
  49. Busy Starfish By The First Years
  50. Activity Star By Kids ||
  51. Lamaze Stacking Rings By Lamaze
  52. Geometric Puzzle Board By Guidecraft
  53. Peeke Pig By Metacom
  54. Baby Brontosaurus By Boley
  55. North Pole Express By Kurt S.Adler
  56. Coca-Cola Bubble Bear By Kurt S.Adler
  57. Bubble Wand (Manufacturer Unknown)
  58. Bubble Blowing Bear By Link Group
  59. Unicorn Clock By Hannas K.Corporation
  60. Race Car Clock By RLS Services
  61. Seedlings Colorful Windmill By Summer Lane
  62. Plush Girl Doll By Baby Gap
  63. Groovy Girls - Bindi By Manhattan Toy
  64. Rosy Cheeks Big Sister Brunette By North American Bear Company
  65. My First Christmas Bear By Eden
  66. Sherberts Pig Plush By Eden
  67. Fancy Prancer Precious Pony By Mary Meyer Corporation
  68. Octopus By Jolly Toys
  69. Pipsqueak The Puppy By Lamaze
  70. Spunky Dog Plush By Gund
  71. Raggedy Ann By Applause
  72. Dolphin Bath Puppet By Legends And Lore
  73. Giraffe Puppet By Dakin
  74. Rooster Puppet By Dakin
  75. Issac The Lion Puppet By Playsoup
  76. Lizzy The Tiger Puppet By Playsoup
  77. Frog Puppet By Dakin
  78. Pavlov The Dog Puppet By Playsoup
  79. Cat Puppet By Playsoup
  80. Duck Puppet By Playsoup
  81. Cow Puppet By Playsoup
  82. Milly The Cow Puppet By Dakin

Baby Bach Toy Chest:

  1. Dancing Chicken By Gemmy Industries
  2. Rikki Rooster By Charm
  3. Winkel By Manhattan Toy
  4. Machine Ball Factory By DYToy
  5. Cosmos Kinetic By Carlisle
  6. Jupiter Kinetic By Carlisle
  7. Light N Sound Fire Engine By Funrise
  8. Rhythm Pals Mini Orchestra By Gil-Mor
  9. Orchestra Piano By Chicco
  10. Zylon Dragon By Manhattan Toy
  11. Lollipop Drum By Woodstock Percussion
  12. Threading Cheese By Learning Curve
  13. Xylophone By Woodstock Percussion
  14. Hydrogyro Top By Rainbow Products
  15. Super Stacking Tops By Toysmith
  16. Sun Pendulum (One of a kind,Unavailable)
  17. Sun Balance By Authentic Models
  18. Bubble Blowing Bear By Link Group
  19. Bubble Monkey By Toysmith
  20. Balloons (Manufacturer Unknown)
  21. Village Animated Sledding Hill By Department 56
  22. Wonderland Bear Band By Christmas Fantasy
  23. Fox Hunt Man By Byers Choice Limited
  24. Drummer Boy By Byers Choice Limited
  25. Salvation Army Women With Alto Horn By Byers Choice Limited
  26. Village Animated Skating Pond By Department 56
  27. Atomic Robot By Schylling
  28. Atomic Robot By Schylling
  29. Machine Man By Rocket USA
  30. Giraffe Horn By Tomy
  31. Musical Trumpet By Tomy
  32. Trumpet Kazoo By Woodstock Percussions
  33. Octopus Puppet By Folkmanis
  34. Saxophone By Potenza Picensa
  35. Play At Home Saxophone By Small World Toys
  36. Baby Giraffe Puppet By Folkmanis
  37. Mini-mals: Kiko Kitty By Manhattan Toy
  38. Bird Trumpet By Ambi Toys
  39. Kazoo By Woodstock Percussion
  40. Truck Bank By Schylling
  41. Plasma Ball By Carlisle
  42. Blurz By AADLP
  43. Spinning Disco Ball By AADLP
  44. Spiral Pendulum By Carlisle
  45. RC Dizzy Kitty By Tomy
  46. Fantasy Fish Bowl By Funco
  47. Sunny The Singing Sunflower By Gemmy Industries
  48. You Are My Sunshine Flower (Manufacturer Unknown)
  49. G.G Giraffe By Charm
  50. Streamers (Manufacturer Unknown)
  51. Barnyard Friends By Chicco
  52. Junior Bongos By The First Act
  53. Melody Harp By Trophy Music
  54. Dinosaur In Egg Puppet By Folkmanis
  55. Accordion By Schylling
  56. Snowy Owl Puppet By Folkmanis
  57. Ukulele By Small World Toys
  58. Pink Sunglasses (Manufacturer Unknown)
  59. Lava Lamp By Lava
  60. Musical Carousel By Battat
  61. Ferris Wheel By Schylling
  62. Magic Clock Pendulum Show By Funline Merchandise
  63. Big Top Dominoes By Alex
  64. Somersault Dog By Iwaya
  65. Tin Wind-Up Clowns By Russ And Berie
  66. Tabletop Mount Clown Clock By RLS Services
  67. Pop-Up Animals By Battat
  68. Hoberman Sphere By Hoberman Designs
  69. Whoozit By Manhattan Toy
  70. 57 Thunderbird By Road Legends

Baby Shakespeare Toy Chest:

  1. Bard The Dragon By Legends And Lore
  2. ABC Wooden Block Cart By Learningsmith
  3. Alphabet Blocks By Schylling
  4. Ryan's Room Alphabet Blocks By Schylling
  5. Alphabet Blocks By Schylling
  6. Easter The Yellow Rabbit By Legends And Lore
  7. Focus Pocus By Ambi Toys
  8. Playtime Train By Tyco
  9. Lehmann Toy Train By LGB
  10. People Car By LGB
  11. Smiley Caboose By LGB
  12. Circus Caboose By LGB
  13. Playful Insects By Pacific Innovations
  14. Dizzy Fun Land By Learning Resources
  15. Lamaze Soft Pull Cars By Lamaze
  16. Gearation By Tomy
  17. Polaris By Carlisle
  18. Sunny The Singing Sunflower By Gemmy Industries
  19. 50 Centimeter Flower By Hobbycraft
  20. Bubba The Blue Boss Bird By Legends And Lore
  21. Bendy Plastic Flower (Manufacturer Unknown)
  22. Ball Party By Tomy
  23. Magnet Board (Manufacturer Unknown)
  24. Magnetic Letters (Manufacturer Unknown)
  25. Taggly By The First Years
  26. Butterfly Puzzle By Doron Laveled
  27. Teaching Tower By Learningsmith
  28. Busy Box By Small World Toys
  29. Threading Apple By Learning Curve
  30. Grass Prop (Manufacturer Unknown)
  31. Tiger Puppet By Legends And Lore
  32. Duck Puppet By Legends And Lore
  33. Frog In A Box By Galt America
  34. Fall Leaves Pile (Manufacturer Unknown)
  35. Kinetic Sculpture By Natural Wonders
  36. Pop Pop Top By Learningsmith
  37. Ball Popper (Manufacturer Unknown)
  38. Blurz By AADLP
  39. Spintrix Disc By Lightrix
  40. Clown By Brio
  41. Monkey Bath Puppet By Legends And Lore
  42. Max By Ambi Toys
  43. Pull-Along Ducks By Tomy
  44. Mister Monkey By Charm
  45. Pudgey Pig By Charm
  46. Dancing Go-Go Gorilla By Metro
  47. Kitty By Charm
  48. Betsy The Cow Bath Puppet By Legends And Lore
  49. Mooreen Cow Bath Puppet By Legends And Lore
  50. Butterfly Prop (Manufacturer Unknown)
  51. The Torpedo By Learning Curve
  52. Illuminated Dome Car By Learning Curve
  53. Flashing Caboose By Learning Curve
  54. Little Knotties: Lion By Lamaze
  55. Little Knotties: Rabbit By Lamaze
  56. Little Knotties: Pig By Lamaze
  57. Teddy Copter By Ambi Toys
  58. Beanie Babies: Curly By Ty