This Is An Alternate Version Of Baby Einstein: The Movie. This Isn’t Real, It’s Only Pretend.

This Will Be Updated Each Day, With New Characters Added To The Cast.


(This Is All The Characters Revealed For My Version So Far)


Bard The Dragon (Voiced By James Corden)

Vincent Van Goat (Voiced By Tom Hanks)

Vivian Van Goat (Voiced By Rihanna)

Pavlov The Dog (Voiced By Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

Isaac The Lion (Voiced By Mike Myers)

Baby Noah The Elephant (Voiced By John Cena)

Lizzy The Tiger (Voiced By JoJo Siwa)


Cal The Caterpillar (Voiced By Whoopi Goldberg)

Rootin’ Tootin’ Rhino (Voiced By Ken Jeong)

Community Members (Also Heroes)

Krazy Krok (Voiced By Will Smith)

Minor Characters:


Plot: Coming Soon!

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