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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Your baby's potential is immense. At Baby Einstein, we're committed to exposing young children to the greatest forms of human expression language poetry, music, science, and art in a way they love.

The Baby Einstein and Baby Mozart videos have become worldwide phenomenons. Babies on every continent have responded with joy and delight to the intriguing combination of sights and sounds found on these award-winning videos.

Based on recent language research, Baby Einstein presents visually stimulating toys, kinetic art, photos and patterns set of music, sound effects and nursery rhymes recited by real moms in their native languages of English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Russian. A unique introduction to languages.

Mozart's music, both timeless and lovely, has been shown to effects people of all ages in positive ways. Baby Mozart is a playful, imaginative introduction for infants and toddlers to the music of Mozart, performed in a baby-friendly style by The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra. Sure to delight you and your child time and again.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Videos by The Baby Einstein Company are far the best I've ever for very young children. Carol Verbrugge Dove Foundation Review Board Video of the Year Parenting Magazine Child Magazine.

Video Guide[edit | edit source]

Baby Einstein Language Nursery[edit | edit source]

  1. Jack in the Box (English, Hello)
  2. Opening Titles (Baby Einstein Theme, Weisbach)
  3. Patterns (German, Abenlied [Evening Song])
  4. Roly Poly Cow
  5. Colored Rings (Russian, Counting 1-20)
  6. Playtime train Break
  7. Oil and Water (Japanese, Aiueo [Japanese Alphabet])
  8. Stairs and Chute Toy (English, Jack and Jill)
  9. Flowers (Hebrew, Numi Numi [Traditional Rhyme])
  10. Mobile (German, Lied [Song])
  11. Jack in the Box (Spanish, Hola [Hello])
  12. Cardboard Bricks (French, Counting 1-20)
  13. Candles (Russian, Lullaby)
  14. Dolls (Japanese, Komori Uta [Twinkle Twinkle)
  15. Centipede (Spanish, Oye! Mira! [Hey, Diddle Diddle])
  16. Water Lamp (German, Counting 1-20)
  17. Carousel (French, J'avais [I Had])
  18. Chain (Hebrew, Hush Baby)
  19. Jack in the Box (Hebrew, Shalom [Hello])
  20. Blocks (Hebrew Alphabet)
  21. Patterns (Spanish, Brilla Brilla [Twinkle Twinkle])
  22. Star (English, Humpty Dumpty)
  23. Mobile (French Alphabet)
  24. Stairs and Chute Toy (Russian, Little Geese)
  25. Pinwheel (German, Kinderpredigt [Child's Prayer])
  26. Musical Clock (English, Counting 1-20)
  27. Jack in the Box (Japanese, Konnichi-Wa [Good Day])
  28. Toy Photos (French, Bo Peep [Little Bo Peep])
  29. Gyroscope (Spanish Alphabet)
  30. Fish Bowl (Hebrew, Counting 1-20)
  31. Colored Rings (Hebrew, Koolam [Everyone Clap Hands])
  32. Candles (English, Twinkle Twinkle)
  33. Patterns (Japanese, Counting 1-20)
  34. Hand (Russian, Hush Baby)
  35. Jack in the Box (French, Bonjour [Hello])
  36. Spinning Top (German Alphabet)
  37. Wind Chimes (Hebrew, Laila Tov Yedeedi [Go to Sleep])
  38. Metronome Clip
  39. Rattle (Spanish, Counting 1-10 [Later 1-20])
  40. Raggedy Anne (English, Little Miss Muffet)
  41. Vegetables (Japanese, Sakura [Cherry Blossom Song])
  42. Cat (Russian Alphabet)
  43. Duck Under Hat (German, Hallo [Hello])
  44. Stuffed Cow (Japanese, Niji [Rainbows])
  45. Closing Titles

Baby Mozart[edit | edit source]

  1. Drumming Bear (Fanfare from The Magic Flute, K620)
  2. Opening Titles (Piano Sonata in C, K545, 1st Movement)
  3. Star Candles (Sound Effects)
  4. Kinetic Art (Piano Sonata in C, K330, 1st Movement)
  5. Puppet Show: Bard the Dragon Comes In/Fruits (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)/Bard the Dragon's Blah
  6. Toys in Action (Concerto for Flute and Harp In C, K299, 1st Movement)
  7. Baby Elephant (Sound Effects)
  8. Crab Metronome (Two-octave ascending scale In D Major)
  9. Toy Chase (Piano Sonata in A, K331, 3rd Movement)
  10. Caterpillar (Sound Effects)
  11. Fluid Motion (Piano Sonata in C, K545, 2nd Movement)
  12. Seal Metronome (Ascending,descending scales In C major)
  13. Castle Pounder (Sound Effects)
  14. Fluid Motion (Sonata in D for Two Pianos, K448, 1st Movement)
  15. Dog Puppet (Sound Effects)
  16. Animal Faces (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, K265)
  17. Rikki Rooster (Sound Effects)
  18. Mobiles (Divertimento No. 17 in D, K334)
  19. Helicopter (Sound Effects)
  20. Simple Manipulatives (Piano Sonata in B Flat, K570, 3rd Movement)
  21. Baby Brontosaurus (Sound Effects)
  22. Octopus Metronome (Scale In D major In song form)
  23. Toys in Action (Piano Sonata in F, K533, 3rd Movement)
  24. Doll Faces (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, K265)
  25. Introducing The Magic Flute (Fanfare from The Magic Flute, K620)
  26. Puppet Shows: Dolphin Dance & Puppet Parade (The Magic Flute, K620, Papageno Arias)
  27. Ending Montage (Symphony No. 41 In C, K551, 4th Movement)
  28. End Credits (Piano Sonata C 1st Movement)

Songs[edit | edit source]

Baby Einstein Language Nursery[edit | edit source]

  1. Baby Einstein Fanfare, Instrumental
  2. Pop Goes the Weasel, Instrumental
  3. Baby Einstein Theme, Instrumental
  4. Abendlied ("Evening Song"), German
  5. Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Instrumental
  6. Russian Numbers 1-20, Russian
  7. Japanese Alphabet, Japanese
  8. Jack and Jill, English
  9. Numi, Numi, Hebrew
  10. Backe, Backe, Kuchen, German
  11. French Numbers 1-20, French
  12. Russian Lullaby, Russian
  13. Edo no Komori Uta, Japanese
  14. Oye! Mira!, Spanish
  15. German Numbers 1-20, German
  16. J'avais ("I Had"), French
  17. Hush, Little Baby, Hebrew
  18. Hebrew Alphabet, Hebrew
  19. Brilla, Brilla, Estrellita, Spanish
  20. Humpty Dumpty, English
  21. French Alphabet, French
  22. Mary Had a Little Lamb, Instrumental
  23. Little Rooster, Russian
  24. Kinderpredigt ("Child's Prayer"), German
  25. English Numbers 1-20, English
  26. Little Bo-Peep, French
  27. The Wheels on the Bus, Instrumental
  28. Spanish Alphabet, Spanish
  29. Hebrew Numbers 1-20, Hebrew
  30. Kulam, Hebrew
  31. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, English
  32. Japanese Numbers 1-20, Japanese
  33. Hush, Baby, Russian
  34. German Alphabet, German
  35. Laila Tov, Yeedeedi, Hebrew
  36. Spanish Numbers 1-10, Spanish
  37. Little Miss Muffet, English
  38. Sakura ("Cherry Blossoms"), Japanese
  39. Russian Alphabet, Russian
  40. Matterhorn Jig, Instrumental
  41. Niji ("Rainbows"), Japanese
  42. Baby Einstein Lullaby, Instrumental

Baby Mozart[edit | edit source]

  1. Orchestra Tune-Up/The Magic Flute, K. 620, Papageno's Magic Bells
  2. Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, "Facile/Semplice," K. 545, 1st Movement [Short]
  3. Piano Sonata No. 10 in C Major, Op. 6/1, K. 330/300h, 1st Movement
  4. Twelve Variations on "Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman" in C Major, K. 265/300e, Theme [Normal]
  5. Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major, K. 299/297c, 1st Movement
  6. Two-Octave Ascending Scale in D Major, Weisbach
  7. Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, "Alla Turca," Op. 6/2, K. 331/300i, 3rd Movement
  8. Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, "Facile/Semplice," K. 545, 2nd Movement
  9. Ascending, Descending Scales in C Major, Weisbach
  10. Baby Einstein Fanfare, Weisbach
  11. Variation on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Weisbach [Castle Pounder]
  12. Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448/375a, 1st Movement
  13. Twelve Variations on "Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman" in C Major, K. 265/300e, Theme [Animals]
  14. Divertimento No. 17 in D Major, K. 334/320b, 3rd Movement
  15. Piano Sonata No. 17 in B-Flat Major, K. 570, 3rd Movement
  16. Scale in D Major in Song Form, Weisbach
  17. Piano Sonata No. 15 in F Major, K. 533, 3rd Movement (Rondo No. 2 in F Major, K. 494)
  18. Twelve Variations on "Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman" in C Major, K. 265/300e, No. 10
  19. The Magic Flute, K. 620, Act I, Papageno, No. 2
  20. The Magic Flute, K. 620, Act II, Papageno, No. 20
  21. Symphony No. 41 in C Major, "Jupiter," K. 551, 4th Movement
  22. Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, "Facile/Semplice," K. 545, 1st Movement

Toy Chest[edit | edit source]

Baby Einstein Language Nursery[edit | edit source]

  1. Bear in the Box By Ambi Toys
  2. Roly Poly Cow By Charm
  3. Rock-A-Stack By Fisher-Price
  4. Playtime Train By Tyco
  5. Oil Drop (Manufacturer unknown)
  6. Barnyard Friends By DYTOY
  7. Mobile By Kids II
  8. Bricks By Roylco
  9. Harmony (Manufacturer unknown)
  10. Plush Doll (Manufacturer unknown)
  11. Raggedy Ann By Applause
  12. Betsy Wetsy By Mattel
  13. Centipede (Manufacturer unknown)
  14. Black Spiral Lamp (Manufacturer unknown)
  15. Carousel By Shelcore
  16. Fun Links By Kids II
  17. Soft Blocks (Manufacturer unknown)
  18. Busy Starfish By The First Years
  19. Musical Lamb By Bantam
  20. Pinwheel (Manufacturer unknown)
  21. Musical Clock By Fisher-Price
  22. Plush Dog (Manufacturer unknown)
  23. Holiday Bear (Manufacturer unknown)
  24. Octopus By Jolly Toys
  25. Xylophone By Plan Toys
  26. Precision Gyroscope By Tedco
  27. Singing Top (Manufacturer unknown)
  28. Wind Chimes By Natural Wonders
  29. Metronome By Wittner
  30. Shake 'N Shine Rattle By The First Years
  31. Plush Duck (Manufacturer unknown)
  32. Plush Cow (Manufacturer unknown)

Baby Mozart[edit | edit source]

  1. Drumming Bear By Metro
  2. Kinetic Frog By Carlisle
  3. Mini-Orbiter By Planet Time
  4. Tri-Illusion Kinetic Mobile By Carlisle
  5. Cosmos By Glow Mobile
  6. Bard the Dragon Puppet By Legends and Lore
  7. Country Train 1 By Chicco
  8. Touch and Play Teddy Bear By Child Guidance
  9. Carousel By Shelcore
  10. Baby Elephant By Charm
  11. Activity Globe By Infantino
  12. Metronome By Wittner
  13. Playful Circus Seal By DYTOY
  14. Animal Marching Band By Tomy
  15. Mr. Buggity Bugget By The Right Start
  16. Triple Ooze By Lyon Company
  17. UFO Flash Lamp By Der Grune Punkt
  18. Castle Pounder By Chicco
  19. Rocket Tornado By Lyon Company
  20. Alien Orbiter By Uncle Milton
  21. Double Slide By Lyon Company
  22. The Wave Machine By Haggerty Enterprises
  23. St. Bernard Puppet By Dakin
  24. Rikki Rooster By Iwaya Corporation
  25. Carousel Papillons By Chicco
  26. Sight N' Sound Helicopter By Early Learning Center
  27. Infant Sensory Cube By Battat
  28. Busy Starfish By The First Years
  29. Lamaze Stacking Rings By Learning Curve
  30. Geometric Puzzle Board By Guidecraft
  31. Peeke Pig By Metacom
  32. Baby Brontosaurus By Boley
  33. North Pole Express By Kurt S. Adler
  34. Coca-Cola Bubble Bear By Kurt S. Adler
  35. Unicorn Clock By Hanna K Corporation
  36. Octopus By Jolly Toys
  37. Raggedy Ann By Applause
  38. Dolphin Puppet By Legends and Lore
  39. Giraffe Puppet By Dakin
  40. Rooster Puppet By Dakin
  41. Frog Puppet By Dakin

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Baby Einstein Video to be produced by Blockbuster Video.
  • This is the first BE video to have the Baby Einstein caterpillar logo in its original release.
  • This is the first video to include Baby Einstein Puppets & the first video having Tim Guigni as a puppeteer for the video.
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