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The A-Zoo is a video created by Chaosman88 (Originally and Peacock2007, inspired by Korrina's A-Z Zoo. Kids of all ages will enjoy this wild ride filled with lots of animals. It is a combination of Wild Animal Safari ('s Version), The Backyardigans: Race Around The World & Korrina's A-Z Zoo. This is different from Korrina's A-Z Zoo because it doesn't have interaction because doesn't feel like having interaction in his videos. 3 animals are featured for every letter, with the exception of X.


Four & Two (BFDI) and the Seagull (from Surf's Up 2: WaveMania) has assigned all of the teams to find animals in alphabetical order. It's a race between Robert's High-Flying Plane Gang, The Pokemon Trainers, The Octonauts, Death P.A.C.T., A Better Name Than That, Team Ice Cube!, Free Food, The Losers, iance, BEEP, (8 Names Said At Once), The Kemono Friends, The Lion Guard, The Surfing Guard, The Nature Trackers, The Numberblocks, The Farm Friends & The Dragon Warriors, but they better be careful, because Team Evil is ready to cause some trouble!



Four (Michael Huang)

Two (Niall Burns)

Seagull (from Surf's Up 2) (Michael Cole)

Robert's High-Flying Plane Gang

Robert Irwin

Timon The Meerkat (Billy Eichner)

Pumbaa The Warthog (Seth Rogen)

The Pokemon Trainers

Korrina (Lisa Ortiz)

Serena (Haven Paschall)

Clemont (Michael Liscaio Jr)

Iris (Elieen Stevens)

The Octonauts

Captain Barnacles (Simon Greenall)

Kwazii (Rob Rackstraw)

Peso (Wayne Grayson)

Shellington (Keith Wickham)

Dashi (Jenny Yokobori)

Tweak (Jo Wyatt)

The BFDI Contestants

Death P.A.C.T.

Tree (Thomas Chick)

Remote (Text-To-Speech)

Black Hole (Satomi Hinatsu)

Pen (Michael Huang)

Liy (Sabrina Barba)

Pillow (Cindy Jiang)

Bottle (Satomi Hinatsu)

Pie (Sam C. Lee)

A Better Name Than That

Golf Ball (Michael Huang)

Tennis Ball (Cary Huang)

Basketball (Satomi Hinatsu)

8-Ball (Cary Huang)

Blocky (Michael Huang)

Grassy (Cary Huang)

Robot Flower (Michael Huang)

TV (Voiced By Clips From Random BFDI Episodes)

Team Ice Cube!

Bracelety (Cary Huang)

Gelatin (Ian Woodside)

Barf Bag (Kenzie Bryant)

Donut (Michael Huang)

Firey Jr. (Satomi Hinatsu)

Spongy (Cary Huang)

Bomby (Satomi Hinatsu)

Naily (Katherine Sun)

Free Food

Eraser (Michael Huang)

Fries (Michael Huang)

Yellow Face (Michael Huang)

Bell (Kenzie Bryant)

Foldy (Cindy Jiang)

Stapy (Sam C. Lee)

Marker (Cary Huang)

Puffball (Michael Huang)

The Losers!

Loser (Michael Huang)

Firey (Michael Huang)

Pin (Cary Huang)

Coiny (Michael Huang)

Needle (Kenzie Bryant)

Eggy (Katherine Sun)

Clock (Satomi Hinatsu)

Cake (Kenzie Bryant)


Pencil (Michael Huang)

Match (Cary Huang)

Bubble (Michael Huang)

Ruby (Cary Huang)

Snowball (Michael Huang)

Fanny (Satomi Hinatsu)

Lightning (Sabrina Barba)

Flower (Michael Huang)


Leafy (Michael Huang)

Rocky (Cary Huang)

Cloudy (Michael Huang)

Woody (Michael Huang)

Nickel (Adam Katz)

Roboty (Morse Code)

David (Not to be confused with David Attenborough from Our Planet) (Michael Huang)

Balloony (Satomi Hinatsu)

8 Names Said At Once

Lollipop (Sam. C. Lee)

Book (Michael Huang)

Ice Cube (Cary Huang)

Gaty (Satomi Hinatsu)

Saw (Satomi Hinatsu)

Dora (N/A)

Taco (Kenzie Bryant)

Teardrop (N/A)

The Japari Gang

Kaban (Suzie Yeung)

Serval (Dani Chambers)

Kyururu (Teresa Gallagher)

Caracal (Beth Chalmers)

The Lion Guard

Kion (Max Charles)

Fuli (Diamond Brown)

Bunga (Joshua Rush)

Beshte (Dusan Brown)

Ono (Atticus Shaffer)

Anga (Bryana Salaz)

Makini (Landry Bender)

The Nature Trackers

Buddy (Phillip Corlett)

Tiny (Claire Corlett)

Shiny (Erika-Shaye Gair)

Don (Alexander Matthew Marr)

Mr. Conductor (Ian James Corlett)

The Farm Friends

Little Bear (Kristin Fairlie)

Emily (Jennifer Martini)

Cat (Andrew Sabiston)

Duck (Tracy Ryan)

Hen (Elizabeth Hanna)

No Feet (Rick Jones)

Mitzi (Ashley Taylor)

Owl (Amos Crawley)

The Dragon Warriors

Po (Jack Black)

Tigress (Angelina Jolie)

Monkey (Jackie Chan)

Viper (Lucy Liu)

Mantis (Seth Rogen)

Crane (David Cross)

The Surfing Gang

Cody Maverick (Jeremy Shada)

Lani Aliikai (Melissa Sturm)

Chicken Joe (Jon Heder)

Tank (Diedrich Bader)

J.C (John Cena)

The Undertaker (Mark Calaway)

Hunter (Paul Levesque)

Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis)

Mr. McMahon (Vince McMahon)

The Evil Alliance

Lord Shen (Gary Oldman)

Janja (Andrew Kishino)

Jessie (Michele Knotz)

James (Eric Stuart)

Meowth (James Carter Cathcart)

Wobuffet (Kayzie Rogers)

Purple Face (Justin Chapman)

Extra Characters

Profily (Niall Burns)


  1. Aardvark/Agouti/Axolotl/Alligator
  2. Binturong/Babirusa/Bat-Eared Fox/Butterfly
  3. Cheetah/Clouded Leopard/Camel/Capybara
  4. Dolphin/Dung Beetle/Dwarf Mongoose/Duck
  5. Elephant/Echidna/Emu/Eagle
  6. Fishing Cat/Fennec Fox/Flamingo/Frog
  7. Giraffe/Guenon/Giant Panda/Gorilla
  8. Hippo/Honey Badger/Heron/Hedgehog
  9. Ibex/Impala/Iguana/Ibis
  10. Jaguar/Jellyfish/Jackrabbit/Jaybird
  11. Kinkajou/Kangaroo/Koala/Kingfisher
  12. Lion/Lemur/Lorikeet/Llama
  13. Meerkat/Manatee/Mandrill/Markhor
  14. Nile Lechwe/Naked Mole-Rat/Nicobar Pigeon/Nyala
  15. Ostrich/Otter/Orangutan/Ocelot
  16. Polar Bear/Pronghorn/Platypus/Peacock
  17. Quokka/Quail/Quoll/Quetzal
  18. Ringtail/Rattlesnake/Red Panda/Rhino
  19. Sugar Glider/Serval/Shark/Sea Lion
  20. Tiger/Tamandua/Tasmanian Devil/Toucan
  21. Uakari/Ugandan Kob/Urchin/Umbrellabird
  22. Vervet Monkey/Vulture/Vicuna/Victoria Crowned Pigeon
  23. Warthog/Wolf/Wildebeest/Whale
  24. Xerus/hyraX/Xenops/X-ray fish
  25. Yak/Yellowtail Fish/Yabby/Yellow-Billed Hornbill
  26. Zebra/Zebu/Zorilla/Zoo (Although not necessarily an animal)

The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra

  • BayBVGo
  • Krazy Krok Productions


  • The only animal starting with X that is featured is the Xerus because couldn't find any other animal He is interested in that starts with X.
  • Peacock2007 added the hyrax that ends with the letter X. Peacock added the X-ray fish and Xenops for the letter X!
  • This video was originally going to have puppets, but the idea was scrapped because wanted to make it unique.
  • The classical music is not orchestrated because of copyright issues, so that is why the musical selections are re-orchestrated by Krazy Krok and BayBVGo to make it more like a Baby Einstein video.


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