Spats (地球攻撃命令 シンデレラ対美人) is a 1972 tokusatsu kaiju film produced by Toho Company Ltd., and the twelveth installment in the ZOOM Anime series as well as the Showa series. The film was released to Japanese theaters on March 12, 1999.

Plot Edit

Machiko is first seen running into Penny Proud. Land committee on the fifth floor. She drops the tape, and it is picked up by Penny. After he exits the building, she and her colleague Shosaku Takasugi try to get the tape back from him, and they recruit him to their cause. Machiko's brother Takashi worked for World Children's World and went missing. Machiko later read his diary and saw that he had written that the corporation was up to something diabolical. Penny returns the next day after work with Wizard Kelly's cigarette lighter which she recognizes by his initials engraved on it. The day after, Oscar Proud returns with some free cigarettes given to him by his employers at Children's Land, but they show up at their base of operations (which may be Trudy Proud's home), and take back the tape recording. They eventually sneak into Children's Land to rescue Suga Mama, and she sends up a weather balloon with a zip-line attached to it, and when she receives a signal from Puff on the tenth floor, she floats it up to him so that he may safley come down with Penny Proud and her colleagues, BeBe and CeCe Proud.

Staff Edit

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Jun Fukuda
  • Written by   Takeshi Kimura, Shinichi Sekizawa
  • Produced by   Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Music by   Kunio Miyauchi, Susumu Ishikawa
  • Stock Music by   Kunio Miyauchi, Susumu Ishikawa
  • Cinematography by   Kiyoshi Hasegawa
  • Edited by   Yoshio Tamura
  • Production Design by   Yoshifumi Honda
  • Assistant Directing by   Fumisake Okada
  • Special Effects by   Teruyoshi Nakano

Cast Edit

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Fred Savage   as   Gengo Kotaka
  • Lexine Bondoc   as   Tomoko Tomoe
  • Luke Benward   as   Shosaku Takasugi
  • Desiree Casado   as   Machiko Shima
  • Toshiaki Nishizawa   as   Head of World Children's Land Kubota
  • Zan Fujita   as   Chairman Fumio Sudo
  • Kunio Murai   as   Takashi Shima
  • Gen Shimizu   as   Self Defense Force Commander
  • Kurayoshi Nakamura   as   Priest
  • Kuniko Ashihara   as   Female Assistant at Temple
  • Akio Murata   as   Manga Editor
  • Yasuhiko Saijo   as   Nebula M Henchman
  • Noritake Saito   as   Nebula M Henchman
  • Wataru Omae   as   Nebula M Henchman
  • Naoya Kusakawa   as   Nebula M Henchman

Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

  • Jake Long (Dante Basco)
  • Penny Proud (Kyla Pratt)
  • Zoe Costleo
  • Alisa Besher
  • David Toprov
  • Pablo Velez
  • Jared Nathan
  • Keiko Yodisha
  • Lynese Browder

Weapons, Vehicles, and Races Edit

  • M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens
  • Cinderella Tower
  • Type 66 Maser Cannon
  • Type 61 Tank
  • F86F Sabre
  • Missile Launcher Truck
  • M24 Chaffee Tank (Stock Footage)
  • M4A3E8 Sherman Tank (Stock Footage)
  • Red Bamboo Fighter Jet (Stock Footage, mistake)
  • SAR-1 (Stock Footage)
  • Hybrid Tank (Stock Footage)
  • Type M3A1 (Stock Footage)
  • Support Helicopter (Stock Footage)

Gallery Edit

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