Vital statistics
Start Baby Einstein: Language Nursery
End Discovering Shapes
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Sesame Street Express Ride-On-Train Oil Drop

Solitaire Cards is a toy which appeared in Baby Einstein: Language Nursery (1996-2004), Baby Newton (2001-2004), Baby Noah (2004-2009), Baby Wordsworth (2005-2009), Meet the Orchestra (2006-present), Baby's First Moves (2006-2009), and Discovering Shapes (2007-present). This toy was manufactured by a company known as Bicycle and is discontinued.

Appearing[edit | edit source]

  • Baby Einstein: Language Nursery 1996-2004
  • Baby Newton 2001-2004
  • Baby Noah 2004-2009
  • Baby Wordsworth 2005-2009
  • Meet the Orchestra 2006
  • Baby's First Moves 2006-2009
  • Discovering Shapes 2007
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