Sing Along is a 1967 School and the Backyard Gang video. In it, Bob, Anthony, Caroline, Steve, Maddie, Addie, and Kelly go to the roof of the BYG House to have a sing-along. They close the sing-along with a show-stopping finale, "This World, Our World".

Meanwhile, Theodore Giesel and Julie Clark are up on the roof trying to fix a TV set, but every time it gets fixed, something goes wrong, causing the set to be broken again.

The video's framing sequences were repurposed in an episode of School and the Backyard Gang.[1]

Songs Edit

  • Segment: Joey Doodle
  • This World, Our World (cast)

Songbook Edit

Scans of the song book from the original VHS release.

Gallery Edit

958752102.jpg Dakota.jpg Denise.jpg Julie.jpg Michael.jpg Brandon.jpg Gabriel as Edwin.jpg Brad Boller as Buster

Cast Edit

  • Kelly Vrooman
  • Steve Jobs
  • Addie Thompson
  • Anthony Field
  • Maddie Thompson
  • Bob Fretz
  • Caroline Yopez

Sources Edit

  1. ↑ Video clip of the closing scene


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