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Sierra in Baby Van Gogh

Sierra (born June 4, 1997) is a former Baby Einstein kid. She is Aspen's younger sister and Julie Clark's daughter.

Videos she appeared in

Sierra's first appearance was Baby Mozart, where she played with Star as a baby before the credits.

Her second appearance was Baby Bach, she was shaking the rattle, playing peek-a-boo, the second was the same, she played the toy trumpet, played bongos and wore sunglasses, and she danced with her sister, Aspen.

She appeared in Baby Shakespeare singing the alphabet. At the end, before the credits, she was dancing in a green, long-sleeved shirt.

In Baby Van Gogh, she appeared in 2 sections. The first, The Yellow section, was where, in one of the scenes, she went up to a flower and smelled it. At the end of the yellow video, she licked a lemon and said, "Yellow." The second and final section for her was The Purple section, where, in one of the scenes, she caught bubbles with Mia Mettais. She was 2 years old when she appeared Baby Einstein.

She appeared in others along with Aspen.

She appeared in Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals, playing with praying mantis puppet, telling a joke on a bumblebee puppet, in the old MacDonald song, she danced with Neighton The Horse

Her final appearance was Baby Beethoven, where she played on a drum. Later, she was in love with the dragon and kissed it. At the end, she played the violin and as the song ends, the audience cheering sound effect is added with a Thank you card. 





Sierra Clark is small, slender and has blond pigtails. She wears a yellow dress with blue sneakers.