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Start Baby Einstein: Language Nursery
End World of Words
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
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Bear on Tricycle Wind-Up Solitaire Cards

Sesame Street Express Ride-On Train was a toy which appeared in Baby Einstein: Language Nursery (1996-2003), Baby Mozart (1997-2010), Baby Shakespeare (1999-2003), Baby MacDonald (2004-2009), Baby Monet (2005-present), On the Go (2005-present), Baby's Favorite Places (2006-2009), and World of Words (2010-2012). This toy was manufactured by a company known as Tyco and is discontinued. It can be replaced with Casey Train with custom train cars and a custom caboose or a different looking version of the word "train" in both videos Language Nursery and Baby Shakespeare from 2004. It can be put on with Girl Doll in the caboose in Baby Einstein: Language Nursery, and Bard Dragon Puppet and it has been attached with magnetic letters that spell "train" from 1999-2008 in Baby Shakespeare and from 2010-2012 in World of Words.

Appearing[edit | edit source]

  • Baby Einstein: Language Nursery 1996-2003
  • Baby Mozart 1997-2010
  • Baby Shakespeare 1999-2003
  • Baby MacDonald 2004-2009
  • Baby Monet 2005
  • On the Go 2005
  • Baby's Favorite Places 2006-2009
  • World of Words 2010-2012
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