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Vital statistics
Start Baby Einstein: Language Nursery
End Baby's First Sounds
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
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Hot Air Balloon Musical Teaching Clock

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Seedling Colorful Pinwheel (aka Plastic Colorful Pinwheel) was a toy which appeared in Baby Einstein: Language Nursery (1996-2009), Baby Mozart (1997-2010), Baby Newton (2001-2004), Baby Neptune (2003-2009), Baby Galileo (2003-2009), Baby MacDonald (2004-2009), Baby Da Vinci (2004-present), Baby Noah (2004-2009), Baby Monet (2005-2009), Baby Wordsworth (2005-2009), On the Go (2005-present), Meet the Orchestra (2006-present), Baby's Favorite Places (2006-2009), Baby's First Moves (2006-2009), Lullaby Time (2007-present), and Baby's First Sounds (2008-present). The ones in Language Nursery, Baby Mozart, Baby Newton, Baby MacDonald, Baby Monet, Baby's Favorite Places, Lullaby Time, and Baby's First Sounds was manufactured by a company known as Summer Lane and is discontinued since the one in Baby Neptune, Baby Galileo, Baby Da Vinci, Baby Noah, Baby Wordsworth, On the Go, Meet the Orchestra, and Baby's First Moves was manufactured unknown.


  • Baby Einstein: Language Nursery 1996-2009
  • Baby Mozart 1997-2010
  • Baby Newton 2001-2004
  • Baby Neptune 2003-2009
  • Baby Galileo 2003-2009
  • Baby MacDonald 2004-2009
  • Baby Da Vinci 2004
  • Baby Noah 2004-2009
  • Baby Monet 2005-2009
  • Baby Wordsworth 2005-2009
  • On the Go 2005
  • Meet the Orchestra 2006
  • Baby's Favorite Places 2006-2009
  • Baby's First Moves 2006-2009
  • Lullaby Time 2007
  • Baby's First Sounds 2008