The 7th and final season of the revival series of ZOOM (season 7B of ZOOM) aired in 2005. The show's theme song is a little bit different from the 1st 6 seasons it was on the air. There were 4 new ZOOMers and 3 ZOOMers from the show's 6th season returned for this season.

New ZOOMers Edit

  • Vincent Van Goat (Nick Henry)- From Baby Van Gogh
  • Quacker the Duck (Taylor Garron)- From Baby Neptune
  • Penny the Peacock (Noreen Raja)
  • Bard the Dragon (Emily Marshall)- From Baby Mozart

Returning ZOOMers Edit

  • Morris the Moose (Francesco Tena)- From Baby Santa's Music Box
  • Misty the Mouse (Kyle Larrow)- From Baby Galileo
  • Harry the Hippopatumus (Shing-Ying Sheih)- From Meet the Orcestra

Trivia Edit

  • Quacker the Duck went on to be on "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman".
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