The 3rd season of the revival series of ZOOM (season 3B of ZOOM) was filmed during the summer or fall in the year 2000 or 2001 and premiered on January 1, 2001. It featured five new ZOOMers and two returning ones.

New ZOOMers Edit

  • Rosie the Rhinosoris (who replaced Claudio)
  • Randy the Racoon (who replaced Ray)
  • Flossie the Flamingo (who replaced Jessie)
  • Wordsworth the Parrot (who replaced Zoe)
  • Bubba the Bird (who replaced Alisa)

Returning ZOOMers Edit

  • Beethoven the Giraffe
  • Harry the Hippopatumus

Trivia Edit

  • The Znack segment was first introduced during this season. It was very similar to the Café ZOOM segment but featured simpler recipes that took less time to prepare.
  • The ZOOM Into Action segment was re-introduced during this season after being replaced during the previous season by the very similar ZOOM-a-Cum-Laude segment. Both segments featured stories about kids making a difference in their community in some way.
  • This season introduced a new, faster version of the ZOOM Address Song, which featured the updated web address ("PBS kids dot org"), replacing the ("triple-W dot PBS dot org") used during the first two seasons. Several versions of this new Address Song were made and were shown at the end of each segment, as opposed to the original song which was shown at the end of each episode before the end credits.
  • Starting this season there was greater emphasis on the ZOOM website; at the end of every episode (before the end credits) there was a short clip that featured one of the ZOOMers demonstrating a particular feature of the website.
  • This Season introduced a 1-Word 1-Syllable Title, which was ZOOM, the name for the Original Show, replacing the First Two Seasons' Title, "I Think I Can Productions"
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