Vital statistics
Start Baby Einstein: Language Nursery
End Baby's First Moves
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Frogz Rock It, Rap It, Ribbit Huge High Bounce Ball

Rock-A-Stack is a toy from Baby Einstein: Language Nursery (1996-2004), Baby Mozart (1997-2010), Baby Da Vinci (2004-present), Baby Noah (2004-2009), Baby Wordsworth (2005-2009), On the Go (2005-present), Meet the Orchestra (2006-present), and Baby's First Moves (2006-2009). This toy was manufactured by a company known as Fisher-Price and is discontinued. It can be replaced with Wooden Stacking Rings with a different toy from 2004. It can be used with Jane Monkey Puppet, Jack in the Box, Mini Pink Fan, and Mimi Monkey Puppet from 2006-2009 in Baby's First Moves.

Appearing[edit | edit source]

  • Baby Einstein: Language Nursery 1996-2004
  • Baby Mozart 1997-2010
  • Baby Da Vinci 2004
  • Baby Noah 2004-2009
  • Baby Wordsworth 2005-2009
  • On the Go 2005
  • Meet the Orchestra 2006
  • Baby's First Moves 2006-2009
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