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Vital statistics
Start Baby Einstein: Language Nursery
End Baby's Favorite Places
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Tick Tock Musical Clock Sherbert Pig

Pupsqueak Puppy was a toy which appeared in Baby Einstein: Language Nursery (2004-2009), Baby Mozart (2004-2009), Baby MacDonald (2004-2009), Baby Monet (2005-2009), and Baby's Favorite Places (2006-2009). This toy was manufactured by a company known as Lamaze for Language Nursery and Baby Mozart and Learning Curve International for Baby MacDonald, Baby Monet, and Baby's Favorite Places and is discontinued. It can be replaced with Bright Ball from 1996-2003 in Language Nursery, Chiming Octopus from 1997-2003, and Spunky Dog Plush from 2010 in Baby Mozart.


  • Baby Einstein: Language Nursery 2004-2009
  • Baby Mozart 2004-2009
  • Baby MacDonald 2004-2009
  • Baby Monet 2005-2009
  • Baby's Favorite Places 2006-2009