Puppet Play Was A 2013 App Designed By Michael Uy

Characters Edit

  • Jane Aust-Hen
  • Bantam of the Opera
  • Ludwig Van Beakhoven
  • Emily Chickenson
  • Leonardo Da Finchi
  • Charles Darwing
  • Sir Isaac Hooton
  • Marco Pollo

Segments Edit

  • Leonardo Da Finchi Gallops And Whinnies Like A Horse
  • Sir Isaac Hooton drops an Apple but an Apple falls on his Head
  • Sir Isaac Hooton Sneezes To A Symphony And Loses His Glasses
  • Jane Aust-Hen And Ludwig Van Beakhoven sing Ah! vous dirai-je maman When The Song Is Over Ludwig Sings A Low Note
  • Marco Pollo dresses like a Pig and Snorts
  • Charles Darwing Flies A Plane
  • Emily Chickenson sees Bubbles and eats them
  • Ludwig Van Beakhoven sneezes to the Music of Symphony No. 5
  • Ludwig Van Beakhoven flies in a Green Balloon And Crash Lands
  • Bantam of the Opera Wears A Mardi Gras Mask Finds a Long Red Feather Boa
  • Charles Darwing sneezes politely
  • Charles Darwing Shakes A Purple Balloon
  • Ludwig Van Beakhoven, Jane Aust-Hen, and Leonardo Da Finchi are having a Parade
  • Leonardo Da Finchi Sneezes Quietly And Loudly
  • Sir Isaac Hooton Blows A Pinwheel
  • Marco Pollo Honks Like A Klaxon Horn
  • Charles Darwing Dresses Like A Frog And Croaks
  • Emily Chickenson Shakes A Cowbell And Moos Like A Cow
  • Ludwig Van Beakhoven Plays A Saxophone And He Drops It
  • Bantam Of The Opera Sings Opera In High And Low Notes
  • Jane Aust-Hen Gets Blown Away By The Wind
  • Leonardo Da Finchi Looks Up And Balls Fall On Him
  • Sir Isaac Hooton Sees The Folkmanis Snowy Owl Puppet And Hoots
  • Marco Pollo Smells A Sunflower And Sneezes
  • Emily Chickenson Sees Feathers And Sneezes
  • Ludwig Van Beakhoven Sings Laaaaaaaaa!
  • Bantam of the Opera Holds A Rose And Sneezes At It
  • Jane Aust-Hen Wears Hawaiian Flowers And Sneezes
  • Leonardo Da Finchi Blows Party Horns And Throws Them Away
  • Marco Pollo Parties Hard
  • Emily Chickenson Plays A Xylophone
  • Bantam of the Opera Wears An Elephant Trunk And Trumpets
  • Jane Aust-Hen Sees The Rikki Rooster Toy And Crows Like A Rooster
  • Credits
  • Jane Aust-Hen Speaks In A Flute Voice Because The Viewers Scared Her
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