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Divertimento in F, K.138, 1£5 Movement

Piano Sonata in D K576 1st Movement

On The Go is the 19th Baby Einstein video, it features vehicles and types of transportation. It was released on October 25, 2005 and released in June 9, 2009, a 39 minutes long episode.


  1. Neighton The Horse
  2. Vincent Van Goat 2009
  3. Randy The Raccoon
  4. Harry The Hippo
  5. Sugar The Cat
  6. Noah The Elephant
  7. Wordsworth The Parrot
  8. Flossy The Flamingo
  9. Penelope The Penguin
  10. Fregley The Pig
  11. Pavlov The Dog
  12. Julie The Sheep
  13. Oliver The Octopus
  14. Neptune The Turtle 2009
  15. Rudy The Reindeer 2009
  16. Beethoven The Giraffe 2009
  17. Bard The Dragon 2009
  18. Violet The Mouse (In Cartoon)
  19. Oinky The Pig (In Cartoon)
  20. Bach The Rabbit (Gray) (In Cartoon)
  21. Shakespeare The Lizard (In Cartoon)
  22. Isaac The Lion (In Cartoon)
  23. Neptune The Turtle (Orange And Green) (In Cartoon)
  24. Stripey The Zebra (In Cartoon)
  25. Knee Deep The Frog (Similar) (In Cartoon)
  26. Roary The Lion (In Cartoon)
  27. Neighton The Horse (Black And White) (In Cartoon)
  28. Divin' The Dolphin (In Cartoon)
  29. Bach The Rabbit (Orange) (In Cartoon)
  30. Jane The Monkey (In Cartoon)
  31. Knee Deep The Frog (Toy At Credits)
  32. Nathan The Horse (Credits)
  33. Sudsy The Dog (In Cartoon Languages Menu Only)


  1. Alexandra Priana
  2. Caroline Heffley
  3. Chloe Davison
  4. Colton Ives
  5. Eleanor Farrell
  6. Jace Gordon
  7. Martine Carpon
  8. Mia Kinney
  9. Miu Colveg
  10. Olivia Hills
  11. Patrick Malone
  12. Quinn Gold

Bonus Puppet Shows

  1. Leaving For A Vacation
  2. Dump In Blocks
  3. Stroller Spit
  4. Bicycle Ride


  1. Neighton The Horse Pulls The Cart
  2. Intro
  3. Neighton The Horse And Vincent Van Goat Rides The Car (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  4. Randy The Raccoon Rides The Car
  5. On Land
  6. Bear On Tricycle Toy
  7. Music Video: On Land
  8. Harry The Hippo Sees Baby In The Stroller
  9. On Land (Again)
  10. Sugar The Cat Noah The Elephant Wordsworth The Parrot And Baby Hippo Rides Cars
  11. More On Land
  12. Music Video: More On Land
  13. More On Land (Again)
  14. Smiley Face Car
  15. Wheels On The Bus
  16. Oliver The Octopus Rides The Train (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  17. Neighton The Horse Watches The Train
  18. Train
  19. Music Video: Train
  20. Train Toy
  21. Train (Again)
  22. Randy The Raccoon Looks At The Word On Land
  23. Oliver The Octopus And Rudy The Reindeer Watches The Car (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  24. Neighton The Horse Paddles On The Boat
  25. On Water
  26. Neighton The Horse Rings The Bell
  27. Music Video: On Water
  28. On Water (Again)
  29. Neighton The Horse Blows The Sailboat
  30. Ocean Liner Toy
  31. More On Water
  32. Randy The Raccoon Rides The Speedboat Neighton The Horse Rides The Surfskis
  33. Music Video: More On Water
  34. More On Water (Again)
  35. Randy The Raccoon Looks At The Word On Water
  36. Neighton The Horse Blows The Sailboat Randy The Raccoon Rides The Speedboat
  37. Oinky The Pig Baabra The Sheep And Beethoven The Giraffe Rides The Sailboard (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  38. Neighton The Horse And Randy The Raccoon Gives The Balloon
  39. In Air
  40. Music Video: In Air
  41. In Air (Again)
  42. Jet Toy
  43. More In Air
  44. Music Video: More In Air
  45. Film: Airplane
  46. More In Air (Again)
  47. Neighton The Horse Looks At The Word In Air
  48. Flossy The Flamingo And Noah The Elephant Rides Airplanes
  49. Bard The Dragon And Oliver The Octopus Rides The Hot-Air-Balloon (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  50. Finale
  51. Credits