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On Map Travel is A Baby Einstein Episode About Traveling to United States. It Was Released On October 23, 2018.


  • Randy The Raccoon
  • Harry The Hippo
  • Noah The Elephant
  • Pavlov The Dog
  • Sugar The Cat
  • Wordsworth The Parrot
  • Oliver The Octopus
  • Penelope The Penguin
  • Flossy The Flamingo
  • Neptune The Turtle
  • Bonkers The Frog (In A Deleted Scene)
  • Penny The Peacock
  • Misty The Mouse
  • Violet The Mouse (In A Deleted Scene)
  • Roger The Rooster
  • Sunny The Rabbit
  • Parker The Polar Bear (In A Deleted Scene)
  • Divin' The Dolphin
  • Sandy The Seal (In A Deleted Scene)