Numbers Nursery is the 13th video. It was released in 2003, and released in June 29, 2009. and it exposes babies to count From 1 to 5.

Trivia Edit

  1. On one of the bonus features, it uses the counting clips.
  2. In many ways, this is similar to Lizzy's letters.
  3. Some things in this video are on the Lizzy's book of numbers book.
  4. The One Flower Puppet Show Was The Inspiration For The Puppet Show With The Same Concept In Baby MacDonald.

Segments Edit

  1. Lizzy The Tiger reveals The Numbers.
  2. Opening Titles
  3. Wooden Monkey Toy.
  4. Lizzy The Tiger Rides The Train
  5. Neightan rides the hot air balloon.
  6. 1 Apple
  7. Music Video: 1
  8. 1 Walker
  9. Neighton eats a flower. This Was The Inspiration For The Same Puppet Show After The Celebrating The Harvest Scene In Baby MacDonald.
  10. The Ladybug shows the number 1.
  11. The girl bangs a drum and says 1, the boy wears a hat and says 1 hat.
  12. Bard The Dragon Counts 1 Hat. (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only).
  13. Wooden Monkey Toy. (Again)
  14. Lizzy the Tiger rides the train (Again)
  15. Betsy and Cud bring 2 apples, lollipops, pickles and gumdrops.
  16. 2 Apples
  17. Music Video: 2
  18. 2 Walker
  19. The girl says 2 oranges, the boy says 2 eyes.
  20. Neighton The Horse Puts 2 Orange Slices Beside Each Other. Then, He Draws Parts Of A Bicycle Using A Crayon.
  21. The Ladybug shows the number 2.
  22. 2 Dancing Ladybugs Toy.
  23. Vincent Van Goat And Isaac The Lion Counts 2 Ladybugs. (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only).
  24. Lizzy The Tiger Rides The Train. (Again Again)
  25. 3 ducks counts trumpets, drums and flutes.
  26. 3 Apples
  27. Music Video: 3
  28. 3 Walker
  29. The kids crawl.
  30. Lizzy the Tiger builds a snowman.
  31. The girl claps 3 times.
  32. Elephant Zebra And Hippo Toys.
  33. The Ladybug shows the number 3.
  34. Neighton The Horse Counts 3 Penguins. (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only).
  35. Lizzy The Tiger, Neighton The Horse And The Ladybug Race Each Other In Race Cars. The Race Was Close, But Lizzy Ended Up Winning In The End.
  36. Gumbo blows a whistle, Lizzy The Tiger rides the train.
  37. Lizzy The Tiger, Brown Pavlov, Baby MacDonald, and Neighton The Horse laugh and Beethoven has spots
  38. 4 Apples
  39. Music Video: 4
  40. 4 Walker
  41. 4 Frogs
  42. The Ladybug shows the number 4.
  43. Bumblebees And Ladybugs Toys.
  44. Neighton The Horse, Haydn The Anteater, Vivaldi The Duck, And Waldo The Walrus Counts 4 Raccoons (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only).
  45. Lizzy rides the train. (Again)
  46. 5 Dogs wears a hula hoop.
  47. 5 Apples
  48. Music Video: 5
  49. 5 Walker
  50. Baby MacDonald The Cow rings 5 bells.
  51. The boy counts 5 fingers.
  52. The Ladybug's Spots Are Counted, And The Ladybug Giggles Every Time One Of The Five Spots Gets Touched.
  53. Lizzy The Tiger stacks 5 blocks, Neighton The Horse knocks the blocks over.
  54. The Ladybug shows the number 5
  55. Jane The Monkey, Wanda The Clownfish, And Randy The Raccoon Counts 5 Balls. (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  56. Lizzy the Tiger shows the numbers 1 2 3 4 and 5 on the train
  57. Finale
  58. Neighton The Horse messes the numbers up, Lizzy The Tiger fixes the numbers.
  59. Credits
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