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Baby Neptune The Turtle Is A Turtle From Baby Einstein Puppet. His Friend In Oliver and Quackers. His Blowing Bubbles In Baby Neptune.

Appearance: Edit

His Design Features White Eyes With Black Eyelids, A Turquoise Body, A Blue Shell, A Green Plate And Fins That Can Be Controlled By Hands.

All Videos Appeared Edit

  1. Language Nursery
  2. Baby Mozart
  3. Baby Bach
  4. Baby Shakespeare
  5. Baby Van Gogh
  6. Baby Santa's Music Box
  7. Neighborhood Animals
  8. World Animals
  9. Baby Newton
  10. Baby Beethoven
  11. Baby Neptune
  12. Baby Galileo
  13. Numbers Nursery
  14. Baby MacDonald
  15. Baby Da Vinci
  16. Baby Noah
  17. Baby Monet
  18. Baby Wordsworth
  19. On The Go
  20. Meet The Orchestra
  21. Baby's Favorite Places
  22. Baby's First Moves
  23. My First Signs
  24. Discovering Shapes
  25. Lullaby Time
  26. Baby's First Sounds
  27. World Music
  28. World Animal Adventure
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