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Nathan is a horse from Baby Einstein. He appears in Neighborhood Animals, and the planting and Celebrating The Harvest scenes In Baby MacDonald. You can see him in the Audience In Meet The Orchestra. You can see him in the Library In Baby's Favorite Places. His Family Horses in Chloe, Neighton and Jimmy.

Appearing From The Movies

  • Baby Shakespeare
  • Baby Van Gogh
  • Neighborhood Animals
  • Baby Galileo
  • Numbers Nursery
  • Baby MacDonald
  • Baby Monet
  • Baby Wordsworth
  • On The Go
  • Meet The Orchestra (In The Audience)
  • Baby's Favorite Places
  • Baby's First Moves
  • Lullaby Time
  • Baby's First Sounds
  • World of Words
  • World of Colors
  • Animals Around Me
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