Mike Wazowski Is A Character From Monsters Inc, Monsters University, And The Short Film Mike’s New Car. Mike Replaces Elmo In Character Street.

Speaking Of Character Street, He Had His Own Segment In Character Street Called Mike’s World, Where He Learns About Stuff With His Snowglobe And Breaks Crayons.

In 2006, Family’s Television Workshop Created A Video Known As Mikepalooza! As You Probably Guessed, Mike Was The Star Of Mikepalooza!, Where He Hosted His Own Show Similar To The Muppet Show.

Mike Was Retired In 2010, And Was Replaced With Muno From Yo Gabba Gabba!, Which Meant That Mike’s World, Mikepalooza! And Everything That Involved Mike Were Re-Done To Feature Muno Instead. However, A Musical Celebration! And Follow That Elf! Weren’t Re-Done, Because A Musical Celebration! Was Made Only For Character Street’s 25th Anniversary And Mike Didn’t Have A Starring Role In Follow That Elf! Compared To Buddy. Despite Family’s Television Workshop Keeping Muno As Elmo’s Replacement, Mike Did Return In The 2013 Episode Mike’s Monster Parade, To Reomote Monsters University, And In 2020 For Character Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

After The 50th Anniversary Movie, Mike Continued Making Regular Appearances In The Show, Including Having Family's Television Workshop Change Muno's World Back To Mike’s World, Where Mike And His Snowglobe Return Once Again To Replace Muno And His Snowglobe. Then, Munopalooza! Was Changed Back To Mikepalooza!, And Everything Else Which Featured Muno Was Redone To Feature Mike Once Again.

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