Morris moose is a suporting character in the Book and the simply-titled 2004 and 2000 Versions, and a major character in Annie: A Royal Adventure!. He is the 4th Golden Ticket Winner, following Violet and youngest of the Golden Ticket Winners (aged 6) and enjoys watching TV. He follows Veruca's Exit. In the 2009 sequel to the 2004 film, Mike is 8 (an unfortunate thing because his Mom says 9 is too old, and when one is too old, adoption is hard), as it takes place two years after the first. Mike has intentions of having a family, which Charlie thinks should be a special one. Later, He is turns tiny and leaves Willy Wonka's Factory. He is played in 2000 by Toni Ann Giksondi in the 2004 Version And In The 1969 Film, Camilla Belle in it sequel, and Sarah Hyland in the 2000 Version. Mike is also the namesake of one of Slugsworth. Grandpa Joe, and Charlie settle into their new lives and go into the Choco-Vision room for Mike, as well. These are the tales of the new Bucket family. First story, please R/R! I do not own any characters, only my ideas. Starts after the 2004 movie.

Trivia Edit

Does Mike Wake Up Like a Baby?

Did Mike Was a Moose?

Is He a Cute Golden Ticket Winner?

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  • "Look at Me"

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