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Laura Bretan (ローラ ブレタン) was an opera singer act from Season 11 of America's Got Talent And is the main character in the 1967 ZOOM Anime film, ZOOM's Big Quest

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the ZOOMers enter a Hotel where they try a Skateboard. As she bites her Knuckle, Caroline uses a Picture of her Skateboard.

Laura arrives as Buzz's Experiment. Buzz changes into other ZOOMers as Kaleigh enters the Skateboard Contest. Laura has to Eat

Kenny changes into Rachel and explains about Laura. As Eric tries his Skateboard, the Sesame Street Gang arrives at the Skateboard Contest. As they acomplish Oscar the Grouch. Cookie Monster is added to the Skateboard Team. As Frances Skateboards. Bert and Ernie meet Caroline. As they try to get zapped by the ZOOMers. Kaleigh and Buzz zap Oscar the Grouch. As well to Laura Cookie Monster is zapped. For Grover, a Zap. Laura, Ernie and Bert need a Little Sparkle. Bert and Ernie tell Rachel what happened. As the Two Headed Monster gives a Skateboard a Try. The Count tries to save the Skateboard, but he gets Zapped. Elmo and Zoe soon get zapped. As a Honker, Rosita, Prarie Dawn, Kermit the Forg, Kermit the Gorf, and the ZOOMers explain. Rosita and a Anything Muppet capture Laura , but they get zapped. Herry Monster gets Zapped.

Laura, Wellington the Cow, and the ZOOMers remain the only CHaracters not to be zapped by the ZOOMers. As the Sesame Street Gang goes to Normal.

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  • Laura's name is changed to Laura (or sometimes "Lara") in international releases of ZOOM's Big Quest.
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