Kyle Choy (AKA KYLEEIEIO) Is A Baby Einstein Entheusiast Who Loves Baby McDonald. He Made Lots Of Baby McDonald Related Things, From Minecraft To Remade To W Family. This Movie Of Skits Is All Dedicated To Him.


Wellington Van Cow

Julie The Sheep

Oinky The Pig

Nathan The Horse

Roger The Rooster

Vincent Van Goat

Bard The Dragon

Sandy The Seahorse




Toy Bonnie

Freddy Fazbear

Foxy The Pirate Fox


Four (BFB)

Loser (BFB)

Clock (BFB)

Fanny (BFB)

Bob Saget


Roger The Rooster Crows And Looks At A Picture Of Kyle’s YouTube Logo

Opening Titles

Wellington Van Cow Appears Driving A Tractor

BFB Clock Says “Tick. Tock. Ringalingalingalingaling!” While He Ticks And Rings But BFB Four Screeches Him

Roger The Rooster Tries Wearing Some Burger King Foot Lettuce

Wellington Van Cow And Bard The Dragon Check Out Squeak Squad Baby McDonald And Laugh So Hard They Faint

BFB Fanny Spins Like A Fidget Spinner

Vincent Van Goat And Nathan The Horse Fight Over Some Hay But It Gets Flung Away And Run Over By A Tractor Driven By Bob Saget

BFB Four Does The Floss

BFB Loser Lifts A Building But It Lands On Nathan The Horse And Sandy The Seahorse By Accident

Roger The Rooster Does The Fortnite Default Dance

Freddy Fazbear, Toy Bonnie, And Foxy All Jumpscare Each Other At The Same Time But They Get Hit By Each Other But They’re Fine

Baldi And Bob Saget Have A Staring Competition And Baldi Wins

Oinky The Pig Gets Nathan The Horse To Get Muddy And He Does So Oinky And Nathan Splash In The Mud

Julie The Sheep Gets Lost In The Dark But Gets Jumpscared By Baldi And Foxy

Everyone Takes A Bow

Closing Titles

Roger The Rooster Crows

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