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Issac the Lion is the brainy of the Godrod family. He has a sister named Zorra and a shape clown named Benjamin. He was made as a puppet designed by David Privett, one of the puppeteers and voice actors.

Appearing From The Videos

  1. Baby Shakespeare
  2. Baby Van Gogh
  3. World Animals
  4. Baby Newton
  5. Baby Beethoven
  6. Baby Neptune
  7. Baby Galileo
  8. Numbers Nursery
  9. Baby MacDonald
  10. Baby Da Vinci
  11. Baby Noah
  12. Baby Monet
  13. Baby Wordsworth
  14. On The Go
  15. Meet The Orchestra
  16. Baby's Favorite Places
  17. Baby's First Moves
  18. Discovering Shapes
  19. Baby Mozart 2008
  20. World Music
  21. World Animal Adventure
  22. World of Words
  23. World of Colors
  24. Wild Animal Safari