I know My Shapes is a song That Was In Baby Newton.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Sometimes when I wanna have some fun.
I take out my crayons... [cut to green, yellow, and black crayons] ...and draw a clown.
It's easy when you know your shapes.
[cut to the orange crayon]
A simple thing you do!
[cut to the blue crayon]
And when I look at my clown, I don't feel blue!
[the blue crayon transforms into a yellow crayon]
Let's draw a circle, the circle for his head.
Two circles for eyes, one for a mouth inside.
Now draw an oval for his belly.
And circles for buttons on his tummy.
Rectangles are good, they look like pants.
And squares for arms. Draw feet and hands.
Another circle for his big nose.
And triangle for his hat, we're finished with his clothes.
And I think! He looks just like a clown!
[the clown gets up, dancing along]
I know my shapes!
You know your shapes!
Oh, yes, I do!
I know your shapes!
You know your shapes!
And you can, too.
I know my shapes!
You know your shapes!
Oh, yes, I do!
I know my shapes!
You know your shapes!
And I'll show you.
[cut to the circle, bouncing like a ball, building a shape tower]
With a circle, and oval!
A rectangle and square!
When you add a triangle, you're already there!
Anyone can do it, it's easy if you try!
All you got to do is know your shapes!
[the camera zooms at the shapes from the tower, panning down]
I know my shapes!
[the clown knocks down the shapes from the tower, looking at the shapes, laughing again, then he blinks twice, seguing to the credits]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In 2004, I Know My Shapes is sung by Callie Moore instead.
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