The Puppet, As Seen In Baby Beethoven During The Wellington’s Victory Scene.

Gregory is a Horse puppet from Baby Einstein puppet. He was first seen in Baby Newton

He Plays A Starring Role In Character Street: Mike's World: The Wild West, Where He Shows Mike The Wild West.

Appearing from the Videos:[edit | edit source]

  • Baby Newton
  • Baby Beethoven
  • Baby Neptune
  • Baby Galileo
  • Numbers Nursery
  • Baby MacDonald
  • Baby Da Vinci
  • Baby Noah
  • Baby Wordsworth
  • On The Go
  • Meet The Orchestra
  • Baby's First Moves
  • Discovering Shapes
  • Baby's First Sounds
  • Language Nursery 2008
  • Baby Mozart 2008
  • Baby Bach 2008
  • World Animal Adventure
  • Newton's Shapes
  • Baby Beethoven Discovery Kit
  • World Of Water
  • Galileo's Skies
  • World Of Numbers
  • Baby MacDonald's On The Farm
  • From Head To Toe
  • Baby Noah's Animal Expedition
  • Wordsworth's Feathered Friends
  • Riding Sailing And Soaring
  • First Instruments
  • World On The First Moves
  • Circles Squares And Ovals
  • World On The First Sounds
  • Feel The Beat
  • Music Box Orchestra
  • Discovering Animals
  • Baby’s First Language
  • Baby Einstein Puppets Neptunepalooza!
  • Baby Einstein Puppets 25th Years A Musical Celebration!
  • Baby Mozart Discovery Music Kit
  • Baby Beethoven Discovery Music Kit
  • Baby Bach 2031
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