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Grandma Georgina is one of the Grandparents is "Baby Santa's Music Box" . In the official book and the play ' she is said to be the youngest of the Grandparents along with Grandpa George. Grandma Georgina is a mother to Mrs. Bucket. She is the sweetest while not exactly the prettiest. Grandpa George is said to be the Youngest along with Grandma Georgina. Grandma Georgina might be the sweetest but she still stands up for what she believes is right. For example ' Charlie mentioned her, Grandpa George, Grandma Jospheine, and Grandpa Joe in the Original Draft ' They were not mentioned in the First. They are seen in the Official/Current Draft.

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Is Grandma Georgina Never Give Up???

Why Did Grandma Georgina Is Hiding On Christmas Ornaments And Jumping?

Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina Are Older Or Newer?

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