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Golf Ball's Ark is a video created by Chaosman88, Willard Boggs, and Peacock2007 based on Zazu's Floating Zoo & Baby Noah.

The cast of characters includes 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Anchor, Avocado, Balloony, Barf Bag, Basketball, Battery, Bell, Birthday Cake, Black Hole, Blender, Blocky, Bomby, Book, Boom Mic, Bottle, Bracelety, Bubble, Cake, Camera, Clapboard, Clip, Cloudy, Coiny, Conch Shell, CRT, David, Discy, Donut, Dora, Eggy, Eraser, Fanny, Firey, Firey Jr, Flower, Foldy, Fries, Gaty, Gelatin, Golf Ball, Grassy, Ice Cube, Income Tax Return Document, Kitchen Sink, Leafy, Leek, Lightning, Liy, Lollipop, Loser, Marker, Match, Naily, Needle, Nickel, Onigiri, PDA, Pen, Pencil, Pie, Pillow, Pin, Portable Music Player, Price Tag, Profily, Puffball, Purple Face, Remote, Robot Flower, Roboty, Rocky, Rubber Spatula, Ruby, Rusty Coin, Salt Lamp, Saw, Scissors, Shampoo, Shopping Cart, Snare Drum, Snowball, Spongy, Stapy, Steamy, Taco, Tape, Teardrop, Tennis Ball, Tree, TV, VHSy, Winner, Woody and Yellow Face from Battle For Dream Island, Cody Maverick, Lani Aliikai, Chicken Joe, Tank, J.C, The Undertaker, Hunter, Paige, and Mr. McMahon from Surf's Up 2: Wavemania, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Guido, Ozzy, Strut and Ruby from The Land Before Time (Movie and TV Series).


  1. Golf Ball (Main Protagonist) (Michael Huang)
  2. Tennis Ball (Cary Huang)
  3. 8-Ball (Cary Huang)
  4. 9-Ball (Taft Marz)
  5. Anchor (Joseph Pak)
  6. Avocado (Wolfy G.)
  7. Balloony (Satomi Hinatsu)
  8. Barf Bag (Kenzie Bryant)
  9. Basketball (Satomi Hinatsu)
  10. Battery
  11. Bell (Kenzie Bryant)
  12. Birthday Cake (Kenzie Bryant)
  13. Black Hole (Satomi Hinatsu)
  14. Blender
  15. Blocky (Michael Huang)
  16. Bomby (Satomi Hinatsu)
  17. Book (Michael Huang)
  18. Boom Mic
  19. Bottle (Satomi Hinatsu)
  20. Bracelety (Cary Huang)
  21. Bubble (Michael Huang)
  22. Cake (Kenzie Bryant)
  23. Camera (Kenzie Bryant)
  24. Clapboard (Wishfixerz)
  25. Clip (Dane Trent)
  26. Clock (Satomi Hinatsu)
  27. Cloudy (Michael Huang)
  28. Coiny (Michael Huang)
  29. Conch Shell
  30. CRT (Griffin Weber)
  31. David (Michael Huang)
  32. Discy (Poppy Hughes)
  33. Donut (Michael Huang)
  34. Dora (N/A)
  35. Eggy (Katherine Sun)
  36. Eraser (Michael Huang)
  37. Fanny (Satomi Hinatsu)
  38. Firey (Michael Huang)
  39. Firey Jr. (Satomi Hinatsu)
  40. Flower (Michael Huang)
  41. Foldy (Cindy Jiang)
  42. Fries (Michael Huang)
  43. Gaty (Satomi Hinatsu)
  44. Gelatin (Ian Woodside)
  45. Grassy (Cary Huang)
  46. Ice Cube (N/A)
  47. Income Tax Return Document (Some_Nerd)
  48. Kitchen Sink
  49. Leafy (Michael Huang)
  50. Leek (Amor Boretto)
  51. Lightning (Sabrina Barba)
  52. Liy (Sabrina Barba)
  53. Lollipop (Sam Lee)
  54. Loser (Michael Huang)
  55. Marker (Cary Huang)
  56. Match (Cary Huang)
  57. Naily (Katherine Sun)
  58. Needle (Kenzie Bryant)
  59. Nickel (Adam Katz)
  60. Onigiri
  61. Ozzy and Strut (Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen)
  62. PDA (Multi S.V. Puliyze)
  63. Pen (Michael Huang)
  64. Pencil (Michael Huang)
  65. Pie (Sam Lee)
  66. Pillow (Cindy Jiang)
  67. Pin (Cary Huang)
  68. Portable Music Player (Dave From Boyinaband)
  69. Price Tag (Wolfy G.)
  70. Profily (Niall Burns)
  71. Puffball (Michael Huang)
  72. Purple Face (Main Antagonist) (Justin Chapman)
  73. Remote (Text-To-Speech)
  74. Robot Flower (Michael Huang)
  75. Roboty (Morse Code)
  76. Rocky (N/A)
  77. Rubber Spatula (Samuel Thornbury)
  78. Ruby (Cary Huang)
  79. Ruby (Land Before Time) (Meghan Strange)
  80. Rusty Coin (Justin Chapman)
  81. Salt Lamp
  82. Saw (Satomi Hinatsu)
  83. Scissors (Shane Cobalt)
  84. Shampoo (Ricardo Smith)
  85. Shopping Cart (King)
  86. Snare Drum
  87. Snowball (Michael Huang)
  88. Spongy (Cary Huang)
  89. Stapy (Sam Lee)
  90. Steamy (Justin Chapman)
  91. Taco (Kenzie Bryant)
  92. Tape (Nash Chorney)
  93. Teardrop (N/A)
  94. Tree (Thomas Chick)
  95. TV (N/A)
  96. VHSy
  97. Winner (Schazer)
  98. Woody (Michael Huang)
  99. Yellow Face (Michael Huang)


  • Willard Boggs declared this video is before Zazu's Floating Zoo and Korrina's Animal Expedition.
  • Cody Maverick, Lani Aliikai, Chicken Joe, Tank, J.C, The Undertaker, Hunter, Paige, and Mr. McMahon made their second appearance for stopping the animals from killing.
  • Like Zazu's Floating Zoo, they have teams this time but Peacock2007 made the first appearance of Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Guido, Ozzy, Strut and Ruby.
  • The Announcer, Four, Two And X aren't featured because the story for this video is different and it doesn't involve them.
  • This video is the replacement for 2 videos by Chaosman88 and Peacock2007 called A BFDI Animal Adventure and Spin's Really Wild African Tour (National Geographic), which was the inspiration behind The A-Zoo.
  • This is the first video to feature the rest of the TPOT debuters, since only Winner and Price Tag were first featured in Poetry In Motion.
  • This is the second video to feature Rusty Coin. The first is Poetry In Motion.
  • This is the first video to feature Birthday Cake, Portable Music Player, CRT, Steamy and Clip.
  • Nonexisty is the only TPOT debuter that isn't featured, because he "didn't show up".


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