Godzilla is a dog from Baby Einstein puppet. His animal morning In Baby Mozart. His animal robots In Baby Bach, His animal violin In Baby Vivaldi, His animal wellington’s victory In Baby Beethoven, His animal at my house In Baby Neptune, His animal planets In Baby Galileo, His animal Numbers 4 In Numbers Nursery, His animal ears In Baby Da Vinci, His animal outback In Baby Noah, His animal yard In Baby Wordsworth, His animal car In On The Go, His animal percussion In Meet The Orchestra, His animal camera In Baby's First Moves. His Family Dogs In Sudsy, Pavlov and Pavlet. He was made by Dakin.

Appearing From The Movies Edit

  • Baby Mozart
  • Baby Bach
  • Baby Vivaldi
  • Baby Newton
  • Baby Beethoven
  • Baby Neptune
  • Baby Galileo
  • Numbers Nursery
  • Baby Da Vinci
  • Baby Noah
  • Baby Wordsworth
  • On The Go
  • Meet The Orchestra
  • Baby’s First Moves
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