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Emily P. Marshall is a actor for ZOOM who won Emmy Awards. And she  is the protagonist in the 1971 film, Cinderella VS Recess.


Showa Series

Cinderella VS Recess

The Recess Gang and their chaperone, Ms. Finster, accompany Gretchen to Hawaii after she makes a big discovery. Meanwhile, Cinderella, a Princess , has made a mess trying to make a new recipe for Jaq and Gus. Lady Tremaine, orders her to clean up, then leaves for work (however, while driving through a puddle, Emily was activated). Instead, they try to make Anistaisa Tremaine, Cinderella's Sister,  do it. However, just then, Gus wanders outside and does nothing except lie in a hammock. Then Anistaisa Tremaine is zapped by the same unknown energy that got Jaq and Gus, causing her to laze about in a similar fashion. Same goes for Drizella Tremaine, who just arrived.

It turns out Emily, Cinderella and her Mice Friends chase her,  but instead find Spinelli running toward the pool of a hotel, followed closely by the rest of the Recess Gang. Cinderella chases, but just then, Mikey is zapped by Emily. Vince soon follows. Cinderella tells T.J . They then try to capture Emily , but they fail, and she escapes.

Meanwhile, Prince Charming is made to follow a satellite's directions to find Emily for the evil Hamsterviel. Cinderella and four of the recess characters, Gretchen, Gus, TJ, and Spinelli, catch up to Emily at an obsevatory. TJ and Spinelli try to get Emily, but they get zapped. Just then, Gretchen finds the new "planet" she discovers, but Cinderella finds out it's only a satellite being used by Hamsterviel (the same one Prince Charming uses).

Gretchen's Galileo computer is zapped, and Gretchen gets the idea to use the telescope to zap the satellite. Gretchen is zapped, but she still works on the plan, apparently she finds work relaxing. Gus gets chased by Emily, but Cinderella manages to distract Emily, just in time for Jaq and Gus to pummel her. Cinderella, Gretchen and Gus then put their plan into action, and the satellite ends up destroyed. Prince Charming confronts them, but Emily zaps him, thus ending the threat.

the Recess Gang goes back to normal, and Emily finds a hobby in zapping stressed and unpleasant tourists. Then Spinelli wonders where Finster is. It turns out Finster has never left the spa.