Dualot's Safari is a video about the animals that live in the continent of Africa. It was hosted by Dualot the Llama from Working with Words (Journey to the Jungle of Words).

Puppets Edit

  • Dualot the Llama
  • Seealot the Monkey
  • Olivia Ostrich
  • Groucho Barx
  • Mr. Zebra
  • Jane the Monkey
  • DaVinci the Monkey
  • Gorilla
  • Wordsworth the Parrot
  • Monet the Zebra
  • Gary the Gemsbok
  • Wilder the Wildebeest
  • Ryan the Rhino
  • Roary the Lion
  • Beethoven the Giraffe
  • Georgia the Giraffe
  • Noah the Elephant

Animals Edit

Animals in the African Rainforest Edit

  • Monkey
  • Gorilla
  • Tropical Bird

Animals at the Watering Hole Edit

Animals on the Savanna Edit

Music Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The puppet characters include Dualot, Seealot, Olivia Ostrich, Groucho Barx, and Mr. Zebra, characters from Golden Books: Working With Words.
  • This video introduces Gary the Gemsbok and Wilder the Wildebeest.
  • This re-uses clips and music from World Animals.
  • This also re-uses clips and music from Baby Noah, Baby Newton, Baby Bach, Baby DaVinci,
  • This has both World Animals and Baby Noah versions of Contredanse No. 5.
  • The monkey and tropical bird montages only shows clips of monkeys and tropical birds from Africa.
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