Discovering Shapes Is the 24th episode. It was released on March 20th, 2004. a 1 hour 10 minutes long episode. It was hosted by Ryan The Rhino


  1. Ryan The Rhino
  2. Flossy The Flamingo
  3. Sidney The Squirrel
  4. Beethoven The Giraffe
  5. Betsy The Cow
  6. Randy The Raccoon
  7. Bubba The Bluebird
  8. Wordsworth The Parrot
  9. Otto The Owl
  10. Roary The Lion
  11. Neighton The Horse
  12. Jane The Monkey
  13. Oliver The Octopus (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)


  1. Circle
  2. Oval
  3. Triangle
  4. Square
  5. Rectangle


  1. Ryan The Rhino Draws The House
  2. Intro
  3. Ryan The Rhino And Flossy The Flamingo Are Playing Circles (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  4. Ryan The Rhino Rolls The Wheel
  5. Circle
  6. Music Video: Circle
  7. Circle Drawing
  8. 3 Flowers Grew And Ryan The Rhino Came And Draws 3 Circles And Runs Away
  9. Train Toy
  10. Ryan The Rhino Hula Hoops
  11. Ryan The Rhino Oliver The Octopus And Randy The Raccoon Plays Basketball (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  12. Ryan The Rhino And Randy The Raccoon Stretches An Oval
  13. Oval
  14. Music Video: Oval
  15. Bard The Dragon And Ryan Rhino Sees Eggs (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  16. Oval Drawing
  17. Bird Sits An Nest And Flies Away And Ryan The Rhino Came And Draws 3 Ovals And Looks
  18. Egg Toys
  19. Flossy The Flamingo Sits An Egg
  20. Rolling Ant Toy
  21. Randy The Raccoon And Oliver The Octopus Sees Eggs Hatch (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  22. Ryan The Rhino Rings Triangle Bell
  23. Triangle
  24. Music Video: Triangle
  25. Triangle Drawing
  26. 3 Sailboats Float And Ryan The Rhino Came And Draws 3 Triangles And Walks Away
  27. Triangle Toy
  28. Ryan The Rhino Flossy The Flamingo Sidney The Squirrel Randy The Raccoon Bubba The Blueird Harry The Hippo Beethoven The Giraffe Wordsworth The Parrot And Otto The Owl Came Out Of The Tent
  29. Ryan The Rhino Randy The Raccon And Flossy The Flamingo Goes In The Pyramid (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  30. Shapes Beads
  31. Square
  32. Music Video: Square
  33. Square Drawing
  34. Ryan The Rhino Came And Knocked Blocks Down And Draws 2 Squares And Runs Away
  35. Square Blocks Toy
  36. Ryan The Rhino Came And He Has Red And Flew Away And He Has Another Red And Randy The Raccoon Came And Flew Away And She Gets It And Ryan Has Red And Randy Has Yellow And Red Flew Away And Yellow Flips And Ryan Says Yeah And Yellow Drops And Laugh
  37. Ryan The Rhino And Randy The Raccoon Builds Blocks (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  38. Ryan The Rhino And Randy The Raccoon Streches An Rectangle
  39. Rectangle
  40. Music Video: Rectangle
  41. Rectangle Drawing
  42. Train Choos And Ryan The Rhino Came And Draws 3 Rectangles And Choos And Runs And Fants
  43. Rectangle Block Toy
  44. Ryan The Rhino Pulls The Suitcase
  45. Ryan The Rhino And Oliver The Octopus Opens Door (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  46. Shapes Pages
  47. Finale
  48. Credits
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