Cheater La Palooza is a fan video.

== Albert the Caterpillar

Misty Mouse

The Inmortal duck (Baby Van Goth)

Stella the Cat

Neighton The Horse (Baby Newton)

Bard the Dragon

Pavlov the Dog

Wolfgang the Koala

Dora The Chick

Eddie The Chick

Tex The Robot

All The Other Puppets.

Plot Edit

It's the Moo La Palooza 2017 and Wellington The Cow Is Determined to cheat. As He and Wellington Van Cow, Julie The Sheep, Roger The Rooster, Neighton The Horse, Lizzy The Tiger, Pavlov The Dog, and twin chicks Dora and Eddie gather on the stage. Wellington The Cow lets out a echoing moo, following by Lizzy's Roar, Pavlov's Bark, Neighton's Whinny, Wellington's Moo, Julie's Bleat, Dora and Eddies Chirps and Moos, and Rogers Crow, All the sounds echo across the universe and they power the Moo-Can Tex The Robot was Using. He flies off as the logo begins to shake and all the sounds blast, Monet The Zebra Is about to Go Outside but he is knocked back in by the sounds. The Other Puppets Join in too with their sounds and they all cheer and win the contest. They all sing "Bing Bang" with the farm animal characters in lead. When The song is Over, Roger The Rooster Crows.

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