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(Character Street Is A Parody Of Sesame Street, Not A Rip-Off, So Please Don’t Take It Seriously.)

(Character Street Was Created By Brandon Longwell.)

Character Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration (A Parody Of Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration) Is A DVD By Family’s Television Workshop And Vanguard Animation. It Was Released In 2020 To Celebrate Character Street’s 50th Anniversary.


It's Character Street's 50th Anniversary, And What Better Way To Celebrate Than With A Giant Birthday Party! Everyone’s Invited, Even YOU! However, Even Though The Party Is All Ready, The Famous 1-8-3 Character Street Sign Is Missing, So it's up to Mike Wazowski to Find The Missing Sign. Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris, Goofy And Buddy The Elf Break The 4th Wall By Ending Up In Various Locations From Previous episodes, Including Bugsy Teaching Kids About Near And Far, Goofy Thinking The Alphabet Is A Word, And Mike Talking To His Snowglobe.


The Famous 1-8-3 Character Street Sign Is Missing, So Mike Wazowski searches for the Missing Sign.

Confirmed Characters

Current Characters

  1. Mike Wazowski (Replaces Elmo From 2001-Present)
  2. Buddy The Elf (Replaces Big Bird From 2009-Present, Originally Replaced Gordon From 2003-2009)
  3. Fear (Replaces The Amazing Mumford From 2015-Present)
  4. Goofy (Currently Appears As A Generic Character From 2002-Present While Sometimes Replacing Big Bird, Originally Replaced Big Bird In All Episodes From 2001-2002)
  5. Bugsy The Pigeon (Replaces Grover From 2005-Present)
  6. Rodney Copperbottom (Replaces Cookie Monster From 2005-Present)
  7. Santa Claus (Replaces Count Von Count From 2001-Present In Most Episodes Except Christmas Specials, Where He Appears As Himself)
  8. Scott Calvin (Replaces Ernie From 2002-Present)
  9. Oliver The Octopus (Replaced Cookie Monster From 2003-2005, Appeared As A Generic Character From 2005-2006, Replaced Grover From 2006-2009, Currently Appears As A Generic Character From 2009-Present)
  10. Muno's Snowglobe (Replaced Dorothy The Goldfish From 2009-2020)
  11. Charlie Calvin (Replaces Bert From 2001-Present)
  12. Ralphie (Replaces Rudy From 2001-Present)
  13. Captain Feathersword (Replaces Telly In Character Street From 2001-2003, Then Returned To Replace Telly Once Again From 2006-Present)
  14. Jovie The Store Elf (Replaces Abby Cadabby From 2003-Present)
  15. Harry The Hippo (Replaced Grover From 2004-2005, Appeared As A Generic Character From 2005-2006, Replaced Cookie Monster From 2006-2009, Currently Appears As A Generic Character From 2009-Present)
  16. Owl (Replaces Hoots The Owl From 2001-Present)
  17. Kevin The Male Boy (Replaces Murray From 2001-Present)
  18. Beth The Female Girl (Replaces Rosita From 2001-Present)
  19. Neptune the Turtle (Appeared As A Generic Character From 2003-2006, Replaced Elmo From 2006-2009, Currently Appears As A Generic Character From 2009-Present)
  20. Buzz Lightyear (Appears As A Generic Character From 2001-Present)
  21. Walter Hobbs (Replaces Oscar The Grouch From 2003-Present)
  22. Tow Mater (Replaces Gonger From 2006-Present)
  23. Noah the Elephant (Appeared As A Generic Character From 2004-2006, Replaced Rudy From 2006-2009, Replaces Horatio The Elephant From 2009-Present)
  24. Randall Boggs (Originally Replaced Lefty The Salesman From 2003-2006, Returned To Replace Him Once Again from 2019-Present)
  25. The Wiggles (Appearing From 2001-Present Replacing Different Characters (Read This Article To See Which Characters They Replace))
  26. Glenn Quagmire (Replaces Baby Bear from 2001-Present)

Retired Characters (Returning In Honour Of Character Street’s 50th Anniversary)

  1. Barney The Dinosaur (Replaced Big Bird From 2001-2006)
  2. The Ringmaster (Originally Replaced The Amazing Mumford From 2001-2015, Then Became A Generic Character From 2015-2017)
  3. Mike Wazowski's Snowglobe (Replaced Dorothy The Goldfish From 2001-2006, Returned To Become Dorothy's Replacement Once Again From 2020-Present)
  4. Dotty The Ladybug (Replaced Telly From 2003-2006)
  5. Neptune's Snowglobe (Replaced Dorothy The Goldfish From 2006-2009)
  6. Chad Danforth (Replaced Baby Bear From 2006-2013)
  7. Hugo The Hippo (Replaced Big Bird From 2006-2009)
  8. Bach The Rabbit (Appeared As A Generic Character From 2001-2009)

Unconfirmed, But Possible

Current Characters

  1. Randy The Raccoon
  2. Morris The Moose
  3. Jack Skellington
  4. Penelope The Penguin
  5. Kevin McCallister
  6. Gregory The Horse
  7. Monet The Zebra
  8. Vivaldi The Duck
  9. Waldo The Walrus
  10. Mozart the Koala
  11. Wordsworth The Parrot
  12. Guy Man
  13. Mumble The Penguin

Retired Characters (Returning In Honour Of Character Street’s 50th Anniversary)

  1. Andy The Panda
  2. Flossy The Flamingo
  3. Chica The Chicken
  4. Winnie The Pooh
  5. Tigger
  6. Zurg


Character Voice Actors

  1. Bill Farmer As Goofy
  2. Bill Hader As Fear
  3. Billy Crystal As Mike Wazowski
  4. Corbin Bleu As Chad Danforth
  5. David Joyner As Barney
  6. Eric Lloyd As Charlie Calvin
  7. Ewen McGregor As Rodney
  8. James Caan As Walter
  9. Katherine Pulley As Beth
  10. Larry The Cable Guy As Mater
  11. Peter Billingsley As Ralphie
  12. Ricky Gervais As Bugsy
  13. Seth MacFarlane as Quagmire
  14. Steve Buscemi As Randall
  15. Sullivan McCormick As Kevin
  16. Tim Allen As Scott Calvin And Buzz Lightyear
  17. Will Ferrell As Buddy The Elf
  18. Zooey Deschanel As Jovie The Store Elf

Guest Stars

  1. Ashanti
  2. Keb Mo'
  3. Nile Rodgers
  4. Thomas Rhett





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List Of Songs

  1. Character Street Theme Song- The Kids (Opening Theme)
  2. This Is My Street- Buddy The Elf, Mike Wazowski And The Kids
  3. Welcome To The Party- Buddy The Elf And The Human Cast
  4. People In Your Neighbourhood- Nile Rodgers, Scott Calvin And Bugsy
  5. Letter Of The Day (S)-
  6. Everybody Be Yo' Self- Keb Mo' And The Cast Of Baby Einstein Puppets
  7. I Remember- Ashanti, Kevin, Beth And Ralphie
  8. Number Of The Day (50)-
  9. Take Off The Suit If You Wanna Play The Saxophone- Scott Calvin And Owl
  10. Mike's World Theme Song- Mike
  11. Sing- The Entire Cast
  12. This Is My Street- Thomas Rhett, Buddy The Elf, Mike Wazowski, Goofy, Jovie The Store Elf And The Kids (Credits Theme)

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The Letter S And The Number 50

DVD Opening And Closing


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  • Not Only Is This A Movie, But This Is Also The First Episode Of Season 50 Of Character Street.
  • In Many Ways, This (Along With Many Other Episodes Of Character Street) Is Similar To Character Street’s Original Counterpart, Sesame Street. The Reason Why Is Because Brandon Longwell (The Creator Of Character Street) Wanted It To Be That Way, Since He Grew Up Watching Sesame Street And Baby Einstein.