(Character Street Is A Parody Of Sesame Street, Not A Rip-Off, So Please Don’t Take It Seriously.)

(Character Street Was Created By Brandon Longwell And Fandom User

Sometimes Characters Don't Always Make Into Character Street, So Here's A List Of Scrapped Characters That Aren't Retired From The Show, But Rather Removed From The Show Entirely.

Bard The Dragon

Bard Was Originally Going To Be A Replacement For Oscar The Grouch, But Since Brandon Longwell Isn't Interested In Baby Shakespeare, Bard Was Removed From The Franchise. Today, Oscar's Replacement Is Walter Hobbs.

Benny The Butterfly

Benny, a character who only appeared in Baby Van Gogh, was originally going to be a minor character in Character Street, but he ended up being scrapped due to how pointless he is in the franchise.

CGI Characters (Baby Newton)

A Wiki User Named Martin Darklight Added The CGI Crayons, Benjamin The Clown And The Baby Newton Song I Know My Shapes To The Baby Einstein Puppets (Another Parody Of Sesame Street) Neptunepalooza! And A Musical Celebration! Categories, But He Didn't Even Notice That He Added The Character Street Versions Of A Musical Celebration! And Neptunepalooza! (Known As Mikepalooza! In The Character Street Universe). Articles Shouldn't Be Added To Character Street-Related Categories Unless They Are Added To The Main Character Street Category (Titled Character Street). Because Of This, The Baby Newton Articles Were Removed From Character Street.


Elmo was originally going to be featured in Character Street, but since he is from Sesame Street, the show that inspired Brandon Longwell to create Character Street, Elmo was removed from Character Street.

Haydn The Anteater

Haydn The Anteater was originally going to be a minor Character Street character, but he ended up being scrapped because forgot about the character being in the Character Street categories. Despite this, Haydn is the mascot of another Baby Einstein enthusiast, Donald Productions.

Isaac The Lion

Same Reason As The CGI Characters.

Jack Moss

Same Reason As Isaac And The CGI Characters.

Kim Possible

Zoe Buchensky, who was one of the original wiki contributors, made non-BE-related pages on the wiki. She created a page for Kim Possible, who was originally going to be part of Character Street, but she ended up being scrapped due to her not fitting in with the series.


Like Pink Guy, LetsWatcher64 was featured in George Benouki's Character Street video, but he ended up being removed from Brandon Longwell's Character Street universe because he didn't fit in with the franchise.


Kiki0988, A Notorious User Among The Baby Einstein Wiki, Has A Strange Fetish With Lyndsay From Total Drama. She Added Lyndsay For No Reason Into Character Street And Started Making Up Fake Character Street Titles That Fandom User Didn't Even Plan. Examples Of This Include An Eco Rangers Episode And Hot Wheels Crossovers, Which Do Not Make Any Sense, Because Character Street Is Supposed To Be A PARODY Of Sesame Street, Which Meant That Fandom User Would Not Accept Original Ideas For Character Street Episodes. Fandom User Couldn't Stand Kiki And Her Lyndsay Garbage, So Lyndsay Was Scrapped From Character Street Entirely, And She Will Never, EVER Be Brought Back To The Series.

Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee And Plex

They ended up being removed due to them wasting character slots. Muno, Brobee and Plex were replaced with Mike, Bugsy and Rodney, though hasn't decided on characters to repolace Foofa and Toodee yet.

Pink Guy

Originally Featured In George Benouki’s Character Street Video, Wanted To Add Pink Guy To Brandon Longwell’s Character Street Universe, But Since He Is Too Inappropriate To Be Featured In A Sesame Street-Inspired Series, Pink Guy Was Removed From The Franchise.

Vincent Van Goat

Vincent Was Originally Going To Appear As A Generic Character, But Since Brandon Longwell Isn't Interested In Baby Van Gogh, Vincent Was Removed From The Franchise.

Vivian Van Goat

Same Reason As Vincent.


Due To Brandon's Lack Of Interest In Wow Wow Wubbzy, Wubbzy Was Removed From Character Street.

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