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Vital statistics
Start Baby Newton
End Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
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CGI Crayons are crayon-disguised kids which appeared in Baby Newton (2001-2004). These kids can be put on with the CGI Rope with the Blue CGI Crayon, CGI Top Hat, CGI Bowtie, and CGI Cane with the Green CGI Crayon, and CGI Pogo Stick with the Yellow CGI Crayon. Other CGI Crayons they are names are including new CGI Crayons: Purple CGI Crayon, Brown CGI Crayon, Pink CGI Crayon, White CGI Crayon, Gray CGI Crayon, Indigo CGI Crayon, Magenta CGI Crayon, Turquoise CGI Crayon, and Violet CGI Crayon in the Baby Einstein Finale Aka let's party and singing yourself silly live show (pre footage) only

Appearing from Movie

  • Baby Newton 2001-2004


  • Red CGI Crayon
  • Black CGI Crayon
  • Yellow CGI Crayon
  • Pink CGI Crayon
  • Green CGI Crayon
  • Orange CGI Crayon
  • Purple CGI Crayon
  • Blue CGI Crayon
  • Brown CGI Crayon
  • White CGI Crayon
  • Gray CGI Crayon
  • Indigo CGI Crayon
  • Turquoise CGI Crayon
  • Magenta CGI Crayon
  • Violet CGI Crayon