I’m gonna was the day you were going to be there for the week of May

Appearing[edit | edit source]

  1. Baby Newton
  2. Baby Beethoven
  3. Baby Neptune
  4. Baby Galileo
  5. Numbers Nursery
  6. Baby Da Vinci
  7. Baby Noah
  8. Baby Wordsworth
  9. On The Go
  10. Meet The Orchestra
  11. Baby's Favorite Places
  12. Baby's First Moves
  13. My First Signs
  14. Baby's First Sounds
  15. Baby Mozart 2008
  16. Baby Bach 2008
  17. Baby Haydn
  18. Baby einstein kyline alcantara 19th birthday special
  19. Feel the beat
  20. The Baby Einstein Finale Aka Let's Party And Singing Yourself Silly Live Show 21st anniversary edition
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