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    great bear

    August 18, 2018 by S3uss1cal123

    great bear is a  baby einstein character he appears in hershey park adventure  where he roars  really loud     and  in  baby haydn  he helps  haydn  work the kinetic  and at the end during  the puppet parade

     many youtubers want him so badly they can not wait to get it

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    My Favorite edit from the Baby Macdonald Page it sorta went this way:

    1. Bonus Video: MacDonald's Farm 
    2. Deleted Scenes
    3. Old Macdonald Order 

    • This Is The First episode To include Roger The Rooster, Wellington Van Cow, Gobbles Random Goat, Julie The Sheep, Dora The Chick, and Eddie The Chick
    • This Is The Second episode to have the song "Old MacDonald Had A Farm". First was Neighborhood Animals. 
    • A Bonus Material Will Be An Animation About Animals Talking To Each Other 
    • The Music In The Animal Sound Choir Is The THX Logo. 
    • This Is The Second Episode To Have "Snowbird in the Ashbank". The first was Baby Santa's Music Box. 
    • Baby MacDonald Was Re-Released In October 24th 2013 With 2 New Bonus Puppet Shows And A New Bonus Material A Video Called MacDonald's Fa…

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    October 19, 2017 by KYLEEIEIO

    Which edit Is better

    Edit 1:

    The curent one

    Edit 2:

    The edit from 9/6/17 at 21:00

    Voting ends Thanksgiving

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    Proof it did not

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