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Baby Wiggle is the 295th Baby Einstein video. It was released into Octember 295th, 2066. It features The Wiggles and their most famous and well known songs, along with toys and puppet shows and classical music composed by The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat, Rainbow Man and many others.



  • Greg Wiggle
  • Anthony Wiggle >:(
  • Murray Wiggle
  • Jeff Wiggle <3
  • Sam Wiggle
  • Emma Wiggle
  • Lachy Wiggle
  • Simon Wiggle
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Captain Feathersword
  • Wags the Dog
  • Henry the Dinosaur
  • Shirley Shawn the Unicorn
  • Bard the Dragon
  • Vincent Van Goat
  • Pablo the Dog
  • Plavet the Puppy
  • Otus the Otter
  • Talk 1 the Cow
  • Easter the Bunny
  • Fregley the Horse
  • Manny the Monkey
  • Guy Man

Song List

  1. Something Special (Remix) (The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat Feat. Rainbow Man)
  2. Hot Potato (The Wiggles)
  3. Wake Up Jeff! (The Wiggles)
  4. Fruit Salad (The Wiggles)
  5. Love At First Sight (The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat)
  6. Rolling Down The Sandhills (The Wiggles)
  7. What Do You Do? (Stepping Out)
  8. Anthony Gets Run Over By The Big Red Car (The Wiggles)
  9. I will turn into a convertible (DaBaby)
  10. Where's Jeff? (The Wiggles)
  11. DISNEY CHANNEL SUCKS (The Rapper Wth The Bob The Builder Hat)
  12. On The Go (the Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat)
  13. I Like Pokemon (Rainbow Man)
  14. Wave to Wags (The Wiggles)
  15. Make A Pizza (Stepping Out)
  16. Fried Noodles (Pink Guy)
  17. Little Brown Ant (The Wiggles)
  18. Big Red Car (The Wiggles)
  19. Jeff's Lullaby (The Wiggles)
  20. Wigglin' With My Gang (The Wiggles & The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat Feat. George Benouki, Rainbow Man, NostalgiaMonkey21, Koala 18849, Lil Toy Yoda, Yung Lambo, Hood Guy, Pink Guy, Submarine Man, Network1245Productions, SeeMore The Safety Seal, Llama Doodle, White Fury, Lil Pinecone, EdukayFun, DJ100024 2.0 & The People From Stepping Out)

Jeff <3