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Baby Van Gogh is the 5th video it was released in August 15, 2000 and released in October 26, 2004.


  1. Vincent Van Goat
  2. Ducky the Duck
  3. Bonkers the Frog
  4. Bach the Rabbit
  5. Sunny the Rabbit
  6. Benny the Butterfly
  7. Vivian Van Goat
  8. Morris the Moose
  9. Misty the Mouse
  10. Max the Lamb
  11. Soapy The Bear (In Cartoon)
  12. Beethoven The Giraffe (In Cartoon)
  13. Mozart The Koala (In Cartoon 2004 Only)



- Two cacti dance

- Opening credits

- Vincent Van Goat arrives covered in paint. He paints the letter V on his color palette and walks off.

- Carmen suite


- Yellow poem is recited by Julie Clark as Gumbo the duck spins around merrily. (When yellow sneaks into my day, I race outside to jump and play. I twirl around in dizzy fun, and spin under the yellow sun.) Gumbo the duck runs off And say "Yellow".

- Yellow music video

- Sierra Clark licks a lemon and says "Yellow."

- Two worms dance around on the screen.

- Auto shape sorter


- Bonkers the frog bounces a green ballon. Vincent Van goat enters and Bonkers runs off. The balloons pop, each one scaring Vincent Van goat and forming the word "green." Vincent walks off. The word green is then recited.

- Green poem is recited as Bonkers the frog sits is an inner tube while wearing sunglasses. (Green slithers in to make me cool. I'm floating in a still, wet pool with butterflies that dart and pass, surrounded by the glistening grass.) Bonkers the frog sighs.

- Green music video

- Brad Boller says "Green.", and stacks the blocks

- A bug crawls around the screen

- Jack in the box


- Bach the rabbit makes another rabbit come out of a hat. They both run off. The word "orange" comes out of the hat. The word "orange" is then recited.

- Orange poem is recited as Bach the rabbit frolics in a pile of leaves. (I'm orange and happy, brilliant, bright. My spirit soaring like a kite. I cartwheel through leaves of fall. They're crunchy, orange. They're big and small.) Bach the rabbit dives under the leaf pile.

- Orange music video

- Gabriel Mazon, Aspen Clark, and Brad Boller say "Orange".

- A mantis dashes offscreen

- Racing cars


- Vincent van goat smells flowers. Vivian Van Goat arrives. Vincent van goat picks flowers for her. He then kisses Vivian van goat. They walk off as hearts pop, forming the word "purple". The word "purple" is then recited.

- Purple poem is then recited as Vivian Van Goat arrives, her face painted purple. A purple ball rolls back and forth across the screen. (Purple feels wacky wild, crazy, tricky, mellow, mild. It makes me want to paint my face, and kick a ball, and run a race.) Vivian Van Goat kicks the rolling ball and runs off.

- purple music video

- Vincent leaves with his incomplete painting. Gumbo the duck pops up and completes the painting with two quacks. He dives back down.

- Aspen Clark (in a princess costume), says "purple."

- Two worms dance around on the screen again.

- North Pole express toy


- Morris the moose jumps onscreen wearing a superhero cape. He attempts to fly, pulling the word "red" behind him. The word "red" in then recited.

- Red poem is recited as Morris the moose attempts to fly again. (When I wake up feeling red, I swoop down from my little bed. Throw on a Cape, rush out the door, and leap across the Scarlett floor.) Morris the moose dashes off screen.

- Red music video

- Vincent van goat paints nothing. He yawns and turns out the light. Gumbo the duck turns the light back on with the painting completed. He laughs and walks off.

- Madison long and a little red riding hood cone puppet says "Red."

- a bug pops up and runs off.

- train toy


- Misty the mouse looks at paint cans. She looks at a blue paint can. She then walks off. The word blue comes onscreen. The word "blue" is then recited.

- Blue poem is recited as Misty the mouse sprinkles seasoning in her stew ( if my feelings turn the blue, I toss some happy and my stew. And slurp it up without a spoon, and gaze out at the milky moon.) Misty the mouse sips her stew and looks at the moon out her window.

- Blue music video

- Vincent van goat paints The Starry Night and walks off. The word "blue" is then recited once more.








Finale Music Video



  1. On the back of the cover, we see pictures of Sierra Clark using some lemons on a sunflower background, flowers, and Vincent Van Goat.
  2. For unknown reasons, the version released in August 2000 originally had Julie Clark mention the creator of Baby Van Gogh but the 2000 DVD would have the founder of the company instead of the title.