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Baby Shakespeare DVD Menu

Orchestra Tune Up (Baby Beethoven Version)

Orchestra Tune Up (Baby Beethoven Version)

The Alphabet Song

Fur Elise

Sonata No. 8 Pathetique Op. 13 2nd Movement

Baby Shakespeare is the 4th video, released in November 23, 1999 and released in October 26, 2004.


  1. Bard The Dragon
  2. Bubba The Bluebird
  3. Tatting The Tiger
  4. Roary The Lion
  5. Soapy The Bear
  6. Hugo The Hippo
  7. Quackamus The Duck
  8. Jane The Monkey
  9. Georgia The Giraffe
  10. Betsy The Cow
  11. Tooter The Cow
  12. Easter The Rabbit
  13. Shakespeare The Lizard (In Cartoon)
  14. Bach The Rabbit (In Cartoon)
  15. Beethoven The Giraffe (In Cartoon)
  16. Vivaldi The Duck (In Cartoon 2004 Only)
  17. Vincent Van Goat (In Cartoon 2004 Only At Book)


  1. Aspen Clark
  2. Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez
  3. Gabrielle Margas
  4. Madeline Pluto
  5. Sierra Clark


  1. Markie Scholz


  1. Train
  2. Flower
  3. Apple
  4. Cat
  5. Grass
  6. Frog
  7. Leaf
  8. Snow
  9. Tree
  10. Cow
  11. Butterfly
  12. Moon


  1. Bard The Dragon Introduces
  2. Opening Titles
  3. Bubbles
  4. ABC Song
  5. Focus Pocus: Train
  6. Sesame Street Express Ride-On-Train (replaced by Casey Train, People Car, Smiley Face Gondola, and Circus Caboose in 2004)
  7. Train Drawing
  8. Train Poem
  9. Music Video: Rondo A Capriccio
  10. Focus Pocus: Flower
  11. Bard The Dragon Smells The Flower (different Bard and flower in 2004)
  12. Flower Poem
  13. Bubba The Bluebird Plants a Flower
  14. Ball Party
  15. Focus Pocus: Apple
  16. Bard The Dragon Draws An Apple
  17. Apple Poem
  18. Music Video: Rondo in C
  19. Focus Pocus: Cat
  20. Cat Poem
  21. Threading Apple
  22. Focus Pocus: Apple
  23. Tatting The Tiger, Roary The Lion, Soapy The Bear, and Hugo The Hippo jumps in the grass and make Tiger, lion, Bear, and hippo sounds and jumps and back and walk away
  24. Grass Poem
  25. Tatting The Tiger, Roary The Lion, Soapy The Bear, and Hugo The Hippo continues to make a Tiger, lion, Bear, and hippo sounds and Quackamus The Duck interrupts their sounds and they swish away and laughs and walk away
  26. Focus Pocus: Frog
  27. Bard The Dragon sees a Frog in the Box
  28. Frog Drawing
  29. Frog Poem
  30. ABC (Again)
  31. Focus Pocus: Leaf
  32. Bard The Dragon plays the leaves
  33. Leaf Drawing
  34. Leaf Poem
  35. Music Video: Allergo for the Flute Clock
  36. Focus Pocus: Snow
  37. Bard The Dragon plays the snow and throws the snowball
  38. Snow Poem
  39. Jane The Monkey and Georgia The Giraffe plays in the snow
  40. Max Pull-Along Dog chases Quack-Along Ducks
  41. Focus Pocus: Tree
  42. Bard sees an owl in a tree
  43. Tree Drawing
  44. Tree Poem
  45. Music Video: Military March
  46. Focus Pocus: Cow
  47. Bard The Dragon looks the word cow in the fence
  48. Cow Drawing
  49. Cow Poem
  50. Quack-Along Ducks chases Max Pull-Along Dog
  51. Focus Pocus: Butterfly
  52. Bard The Dragon chases the butterfly but bumps into wall
  53. Butterfly flying into flower
  54. Butterfly Poem
  55. 2 Betsy The Cows eat grass but Tooter The Cow sees a butterfly in the nose
  56. Music Video: The Ruins of Athens
  57. Focus Pocus: Moon
  58. Bard The Dragon yawns and kisses Beanie Babies: Curly
  59. Moon Poem
  60. Finale
  61. Credits