The Baby Einstein Company Baby Santa is a holiday DVD.

Characters Edit

Rudy The Reindeer

Joyce The Reindeer

Morris The Moose

Bard The Dragon

Penelope The Penguin

Mark The Penguin

Misty Meen

Waldo The Walrus 

Milly The Cow 

Betsy The Cow 

Parker The Polar Bear

Segments Edit

Santa Pilots A Plane


Morris The Moose Pops Out Of A Stocking And Screams

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To The Dreidel Song

Morris The Moose Watches A Nutcracker March By

Deck The Halls

Bard Rides A Rocking Horse And Says "Bleah!"

Waldo The Walrus Puts A Bow On Top Of A Tree

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To Bring A Torch Isabella

Polar Express

Joy To The World

Joyce The Reindeer Decorates A Gingerbread Cookie

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To The 12 Days Of Christmas ( Carribean Style )

Gingerbread House

Jingle Bells

Elf Seesaw

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To The March Of Hindu

Misty The Mouse Sees A Red Box With Mice Inside Them

Contradance No. 7 By Mozart

Aspen And Sierra Ride Horses

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To Snowbird On The Ashbank

Wellington Van Cow Nathan The Horse And Oinky The Pig Have A Holiday Hoedown ( Snowbird On The Ashbank Full Video )

Milly The Cow Opens A Box And Betsy The Cow Comes Out Of The Box

Pavlov The Dog And Morris The Moose Watch A Carousel 

We Wish You A Merry Christmas 

Joyce The Reindeer Rings The Bells

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To The Wexford Carol

Dancing Bear

Trepak With A Big Dance With All The Puppets

Penguin Cone Puppet

Dancing Santa

Rudy The Reindeer Dances To Oh Hanukkah

Parker The Polar Bear Finds His Twin

Silent Night


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