Baby Noah Is A sixteenth Baby Einstein Video released in 2004 and released in 2009.Delected Scenes

Characters Edit

  1. Noah The Elephant
  2. Flossy The Flamingo
  3. Penelope The Dolphin
  4. Mozart The Koala
  5. Penelope The Penguin
  6. Hugo The Hippo
  7. Andy The Panda
  8. Gutteral The Kangaroo
  9. Nora The Polar Bear
  10. Zorra The Lion
  11. Sudsy The Dog
  12. Lizzy The Tiger 2009
  13. Galileo The Kangaroo 2009
  14. Paddlin' The Penguin 2009

Bonus Puppet Shows Edit

  1. Bubbles
  2. Sled Pull
  3. Cannonball!!!!!!!

2009 Puppet Shows Edit

  1. Lizzy’s Hat
  2. Baby Mozart’s Got The Moves
  3. Building The Statue Of Liberty


  1. Introduction To Baby Noah
  2. Opening Titles
  3. Savannah Animals Toy.
  4. Noah The Elephant And Another Elephant Goes To Savannah.
  5. Savannah
  6. Walking Elephant Push Toy.
  7. Music Video: Savannah
  8. Savannah (Again)
  9. Blue Elephant Matching Game.
  10. Harry The Hippo His Clone Are Singing Oh Oh Oh!, Noah The Elephant Comes In and disappears and they did the same thing then he Kisses Him.
  11. Noah's Ark Toy (Music Added In 2009)
  12. Flossy The Flamingo And Another Flamingo Goes To The Rainforest And Tropics.
  13. Rainforest And Tropics
  14. Music Video: Rainforest And Tropics
  15. Rainforest And Tropics (Again)
  16. Andy The Panda Holds A Fake Umbrella Using It To Go to the left and right while the rain does the same thing and The flamingo comes in and gets wet and Andy helps him to be dry.
  17. Shaking Heads Toy.
  18. Noah's Ark Matching Game.
  19. Andy The Panda sees Lizzy The Tiger's Hat (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  20. Divin' The Dolphin And Another Dolphin Goes To The Ocean.
  21. The Ocean
  22. Music Video: Ocean
  23. The Ocean (Again)
  24. Noah The Elephant Goes Fishing and gets spitted by the dolphin and then he sprays at the dolphin and turns around laughs.
  25. Swimming Whale Toy.
  26. Mozart The Koala And Another Koala Goes To The Outback.
  27. The Outback
  28. Music Video: Outback
  29. Walking 2 Wombats Toy.
  30. The Outback (Again)
  31. Noah The Elephant And Gutteral The Kangaroo Rides A Seesaw.
  32. Boxing Kangaroo Toy.
  33. Noah's Ark Toy (Music Added In 2009)
  34. Mozart The Koala dances with Galileo The Kangaroo. (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  35. Penelope The Penguin and Mark the Penguin Goes To The Polar Regions.
  36. The Polar Regions
  37. Music Video: The Polar Regions
  38. Plush Seal Toy.
  39. The Polar Regions (Again)
  40. Penguins On Ice Toy.
  41. 2 Penguins Racing Down The White Snowy Mountain To The Finish Line,Nora The Polar Bear Starts,Noah The Elephant And Finishes.
  42. Penguin Walker Toy.
  43. 2 Penguins built the statue of liberty (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  44. Finale
  45. Credits
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