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Baby Newton - Shapes in Tantrum is the 69th video (Nice.) released on December 17th, 2023. It is a visually pleasing journey through shapes and temper tantrums.

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  • Everyone (Except for the Former BE Enthusiasts)


  1. Tantrum By Koala 18849 Feat. LetsWatcher64, George Bonouki, NostalgiaMonkey21 And The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat (Title Theme)
  2. We don't give a shit by koala 18849
  3. Make A Pizza from Stepping Out
  4. Hey Chaseace, Look! by The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat Feat. Lil Sayje
  5. We Need To Pay Attention By The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat
  7. Numbers Nursery by The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat
  8. Something Special by The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat
  9. She's So Nice By Pink Guy
  10. If Ya Want To Die By Kyret64 Feat. LetsWatcher64
  11. DISNEY CHANNEL SUCKS By The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat
  12. Concerto In A Minor, RV 356, 1st Movement By Antonio Vivaldi
  13. I Know My Shapes (Rated R Version) By Koala 18849
  14. Temper Tantrums By Koala 18849 & The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat Feat. George Bonouki, NostalgiaMonkey21, LetsWatcher64, Rainbow Man, Jagger Brammer, JACK'S AMAZING CHANNEL OF MOVIES!, Network1245Productions, Pink Guy, The Wiggles, The People From Stepping Out & Saxophone Girl From Meet The Orchestra (Credits Theme)


  • This is the first Baby Einstein video to be produced by Koala 18849.
  • This is the only Baby Einstein video with a pussy
  • This is the second Baby Einstein video where puppets are on drugs. The first is World Music.
  • This is the first video about tantrums. The second is Baby Beethoven - Symphony Of Tantrums.
  • The Rated R Version Of I Know My Shapes Is Basically The Callie Moore Version, But Re-Dubbed By Koala 18849, And It Features Inappropriateness.
  • One Of The Original Songs To Be Planned Was Tantrum By Koala 18849, But It Was Scrapped. However, It Was Revised, And This Time, Koala Was Joined By George Bonouki, The Rapper With The Bob The Builder Hat, LetsWatcher64 And NostalgiaMonkey21.
  • Tantrum Became the title theme In 2021, Because It Felt Fitting for It To Be In That Spot.
  • Two of the original songs that were going to be featured were The Potty Cheer and Pantosaurus, but they were replaced by Make A Pizza and Hey Chaseace, Look!.
  • A lot of Former BE Enthusiasts Were Originally Going To Be Featured, But A lot of those Former BE Enthusiasts Left The BE Community, to work for other different communities.
  • Fuck you.