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Baby Newton 2004 DVD Menu

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The Four Seasons - Concerto No. 3 in F Major Autumn - A

I Know My Shapes

The Four Seasons, Spring, 1st Movement

Matterhorn Jig

Pavlov Music Cue

Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major RV320 1st Movement

March in E Major 2nd Peek A Boo Variation

Clown Music Cue 3

The Four Seasons, Winter 2nd Movement

Baby Newton is the 9th Baby Einstein video. It was released on March 12, 2002 and released in October 26, 2004.


  1. Isaac the lion draws a clown that you're gonna see Later in the video.
  2. Title Screen.
  3. I Know My Shapes by Jack Moss/Callie Moore
  4. Circle.
  5. Pavlov the dog rolls the polka dotted balls, then he's ambushed by a barrage of them.
  6. CGI Clown walks to a purple circle, using it to spin around on his hip.
  7. Music Video: Circles.
  8. The blue CGI Crayon swings on a rope, it falls down and runs away from the rope.
  9. Square.
  10. Isaac the lion fixes a broken square.
  11. CGI clown walks to a green square, like a jack-in-the-box, turns the wind-up and another clown pops out of it.
  12. Music Video: Squares.
  13. The red CGI crayon uses a black CGI crayon to draw a hole on the ground, then they both dive into it.
  14. Oval.
  15. Quacker The Duck sees the green circle bounce on a sky background. Quacker tries to stretch the green circle into an oval, then he fails two times. Glasses ducks comes to Quacker then he comes to help him then they both make the green circle into an oval.
  16. CGI clown walks to a yellow oval mirror, combing the hair five times,
  17. Music Video: Ovals.
  18. The green CGI crayon does a tap dance, then the cane pulls him off screen.
  19. Rectangle.
  20. Gregory the Foal walks to a door prop. he looks at it, but nobody is there. then hearing a doorbell. He opens the door, and it couldn't see anybody there. He leaves but hears a knock again, looking at the door, POW! In your face! Baby MacDonald runs in with noisemaker and party hat, followed by Pavlov the dog, with a pinwheel, then Isaac the lion, With purple streamers and the duck wearing sunglasses. Greg closes the door, happy running away.
  21. CGI clown walks to red rectangle, opening the songbook, playing "London Bridge" and said hey that wasn’t so bad, then he plays "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" rather known as the ABC song and Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  22. Music Video: Rectangles.
  23. The wind-up blue, suitcase walks, then stops, then it walking.
  24. The orange CGI crayon plays chase with a yellow CGI crayon one.
  25. Triangle.
  26. Isaac the lion walks to a gold glitter background. He tries to blow at it three times. When it didn't go away he uses a mini pink fan to a gold glitter triangle.
  27. CGI clown walks to a blue musical triangle, playing it with a stick.
  28. Music Video: Triangles.
  29. The yellow CGI crayon jumps on a purple pogo stick.
  30. Heart.
  31. Diamond.
  32. Star.
  33. Crescent.
  34. Shapes review.
  35. I Know My Shapes by Jack Moss/Callie Moore again.
  36. Shapes knock down, laughing again, blinking twice.
  37. Closing credits


  1. Also, in October 30, 2004, Jack Moss from 2002 version singing is replaced by Callie Moore singing instead.
  2. Some things in this Movie are on the Numbers and shapes discovery cards.
  3. This was Baby MacDonald's first appearance, she'd later appear in Beethoven, Galileo, Numbers Nursery, and Mozart 2008, she would also have a video named after her hosted by no other than her dad Wellington
  4. This is the only video to have no kids, but only CGI with clown and crayons, not counting stock footage.
  5. In Video Tutorial, they didn't have Bard on the screen from the VHS version.
  6. These CGI Crayons have ten, and they have nine shapes.
  7. On the back of the cover, there's some pictures with Isaac the lion with some crayons before starting to draw a clown, then a CGI Clown with some shapes, and the Quercetti Kaleidogears toy (replaced with Porcupine Walker toy by Petra Toys).


  1. Issac The Lion
  2. Neighton The Horse
  3. Wellington The Cow
  4. Duckie's Dad
  5. Quacker The Duck
  6. Pavlov The Dog
  7. Benjamin The Clown
  8. Blue CGI Crayon
  9. Green CGI Crayon
  10. Black CGI Crayon
  11. Red CGI Crayon
  12. Orange CGI Crayon
  13. Yellow CGI Crayon
  14. Purple CGI Crayon
  15. Brown CGI Crayon
  16. Pink CGI Crayon
  17. White CGI Crayon
  18. CGI Triangle Singer
  19. CGI Square Singer
  20. CGI Circle Singer


  1. Jack Moss (2002-2003)
  2. Callie Moore (2004)


  1. circle - hula hoop
  2. square - jack-in-the-box
  3. oval - mirror
  4. rectangle - songbook
  5. triangle - musical instrument
  6. diamond - kite
  7. heart - chocolate
  8. star - twinkle-twinkle
  9. crescent - night sky

Puppet Shows

  1. Play Ball! - circle
  2. Under Construction - square
  3. Duck Friends - oval
  4. Knock, Knock! Who's There? - rectangle
  5. Hidden Triangle - triangle
  6. Flying The Kite - diamond
  7. Happy Valentine's Day! - heart
  8. Looking For A Starfish - star
  9. Nighttime Snack - crescent