Baby Neptune is the 13th Baby Einstein Video. It was released in November 18, 2003 and released in August 15, 2009. The Full Video Is 29 minutes Long.



  1. Neptune The Turtle
  2. Oliver The Octopus
  3. Quacker The Duck


  1. Oliver The Octopus And Quacker The Duck Plays Beach Ball And Neptune The Turtle Giggles
  2. Opening Titles
  3. Red Walking Crab
  4. Intro
  5. Neptune The Turtle Paints Ocean
  6. Green Fish
  7. Ocean
  8. Music Video: Ocean
  9. Oliver The Octopus And Neptune The Turtle Blows Bubbles
  10. Music Video: More Ocean
  11. Kid Says Ocean
  12. Oliver The Octopus Blows Shells (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  13. Submarine Toy
  14. Shrimp Toy
  15. Quacker The Duck Looks At Periscope
  16. Neptune The Turtle Paints Beach
  17. Red Walking Crab (Again)
  18. Beach
  19. Music Video: Beach
  20. Kid Says The Beach
  21. Neptune The Turtle And Quacker The Duck Watches The Sandcastle And Quacker The Duck Puts Flag In It And Sandcastle Is Finished And There's A Wave And Wave Crashes Sandcastle
  22. Duck Train
  23. Oliver The Octopus Chases The Crab (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  24. Quacker The Duck Paints Rivers & Lakes
  25. Neptune The Turtle Is In The Motor Boat And Pulls The Endor
  26. Rivers
  27. Music Video: Rivers
  28. Lakes
  29. Music Video: Lakes
  30. Kid Says Rivers & Lakes
  31. Neptune The Turtle Goes Fishing (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  32. Duck Train (Again)
  33. Umbrella Peek-A-Boo
  34. Music Video: Rain Drops And Puddles
  35. Oliver The Octopus Is Under The Umbrella And Quacker The Duck Gets Wet So He Gets Dry
  36. Goldfish Puppet (Again)
  37. At My House
  38. Music Video: At My House
  39. Neptune The Turtle Waters The Plant And Quacker The Duck Came Along And Flower Bloom And Quacker The Duck Waters Neptune The Turtle So He Gets Wet And Quacker Sees Up And Down And Quacker The Duck Waters Neptune The Turtle This Time So Gets Even Wet And So Quacker The Duck Walks Away
  40. Quacker The Duck Sees Washing Machine It Spins And Gets Dizzy And Quacker The Duck Falls Down And Washing Machine Stops
  41. Music Video: More At My House
  42. Quacker The Duck Sings The Blue Danube Waltz
  43. Water Is All Around Us
  44. Music Video: Water Is All Around Us
  45. Oliver The Octopus Neptune The Turtle And Quacker The Duck Watches The Sunset
  46. Finale
  47. Credits


  1. In The 2003 Release Of Baby Neptune, There Is A Trailer For Finding Nemo Included At The End Of The Video, Which Makes Sense Since Baby Neptune And Finding Nemo Both Feature Lots Of Water.
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