Baby Mozart is the 2nd video that aired on HBO Family for November 2, 1998, and released again 2004, then again in 2008.



  1. Baby Mozart the Koala (2008 only) (played by David Privett) (Host)
  2. Jake The Bulldog
  3. Divin The Dolphin
  4. Jaxon The Giraffe
  5. Rocco The Rooster
  6. Phineas The Frog
  7. Milly The Cow
  8. Bard The Dragon


  1. On the back of the cover, we see some pictures of Sierra Clark where she is born with her Happy Starfish, Tri-Illusion Kinetic, and Bard the Dragon.

Puppet Shows

  1. Bard the Dragon
  2. Bulldog's Introduction
  3. Dolphin Dance
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